FITASC Sporting

FITASC Sporting (FSP)

Welcome to the FITASC Sporting Team page.  Everything you need to know about representing England in this discipline can be found here.

FSP is governed internationally by FITASC (which stands for the Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse [Translation:  International Federation for Shooting Sporting Guns].

FITASC Sporting (FSP) is like English Sporting (ESP), but there are key differences. 

FSP targets are shot ‘gun down’, meaning that the gun cannot be mounted on the shoulder until the targets are thrown and visible.   

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Shooting for England

To be eligible to represent any England Clay Target Shooting Team please see the England Team Handbook.  England Team Handbook

Below is the process used to decide selection for the FITASC (FSP) Team for Home International Team matches only.

There are 4 selection shoots that run between March and August each year. 

Scores are submitted after the last shoot but only the best 3 from 4 scores may be needed to count. 

The deadline for submitting these scores is Midnight on 25 August 2022.

Points are calculated from High Gun of each event and shooters with the lowest scores go through to represent England.

Please note High Gun will be taken from each day.

 Please submit your scores here

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2022 FSP Selection Dates   

      Book Through      
1st England Team Selection Shoot 16 - 17 April Jet Hall CPSA      
2nd England Team Selection Shoot 11 - 12 June Southdown CPSA      
3rd England Team Selection Shoot 23 - 24 July Kegworth CPSA      
4th England Team Selection Shoot 20 - 21 August High Lodge CPSA      


1st England Team Selection Shoot      16-17 April        Jet Hall                 Click here

2nd England Team Selection Shoot     11-12 June        Southdown     

3rd England Team Selection Shoot       23-24 july         Kegworth     

4th England Team Selection Shoot       20-21 August   High Lodge



FITASC Home International                    

24th September 2022           100 targets         Dovey Valley Shooting Ground,  Llanwrin,  Machynlleth,  Powys,  SY20 8QJ   


FITASC HCIT Invitation and Information


FITASC Team Size:

  • 9 Seniors
  • 2 Ladies
  • 2 Juniors
  • 2 Veterans
  • 2 Super Veterans


Team Manager Information

The Team Manager for FITASC Sporting is Richard Weller, contactable via email or telephone 07971 577871


  Richard Weller took on the role of the FITASC England Team Manager in 2020, a role he is very proud to hold.

  He has been a CPSA member for 25 years and shoots multiple registered disciplines. 

  Very approachable and always willing to answer any questions. 

  Richard is looking forward to chatting all things shooting with you when you see him at your next shoot.




Category Ages

Home International Events (ICTSC)

Junior:                       A Junior is under the age of 21 on the 1st January in the year of competition

Veteran:                   A Veteran is 55 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition

Super Veteran:       A Super Veteran is 65 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition


England Team Captaincy

  • The Team Captain will be the member with most number of appearances (cpsa) in the specific event’s team, irrespective of category.  If any team member has already been Captain at any time in the past, their appearances will be counted from the year following their last captaincy.
  • In the event of two or more members having the same number of caps, the member with the earliest first team appearance will become Captain.  If there is still a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year. 

At a team’s inception, the member with the lowest qualifying total points score will take the captaincy, if there is a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year.


England FITASC Team

Names of successful shooters who have achieved a place on the 2022 England Team for the FITASC Home International will be available to view here.


2022 FITASC Sporting England Team Home International Results 


2021 Results - The 21st FITASC Home International Tournament click here

Please Note:

The CPSA reserve the right to change this selection process as necessary due to government restrictions or exceptional circumstances.