England Team


Welcome to our England Team pages

Representing your country in any sport is an honour and privilege, a source of immense pride and Clay Pigeon Shooting is no exception. 

The England Team is represented across the following disciplines: Automatic Ball Trap (ABT), Down The Line (DTL), English Skeet (ESK), English Sporting (ESP), FITASC Sporting (FSP), Olympic Skeet (OSK), and Olympic Trap (OTR).

Each year teams are selected for each discipline to represent England at Home International Events. There is also the opportunity to represent England at a World Event in DTL and ESP.

A thorough selection process is in place to determine the England team for each discipline.  The selection process for each discipline is slightly different and the team size also varies.

For each discipline there will always be selection shoots and it will be the best scores, from those people that submit, that will get into the team. For DTL and ESP, the selection shoots can also be used to determine teams for European and World Events.

For more information on Selection Shoots and the England Teams representing each individual Discipline, please continue to ‘Disciplines