Down The Line

Down The Line (DTL)     

Welcome to the Down The Line (DTL) Team page.  Everything you need to know about representing England in this discipline can be found here.

Down-the-Line Trap (DTL) is the most popular version of trap in the UK.  One trap is set in the centre of the layout, with five stands, or pegs, in a line behind it.  For more information please click here

Shooting for England

To be eligible to represent any England Clay Target Shooting Team please see England Team Handbook.   England Team Handbook

Please note that if a shooter has already represented another Country/Team in any discipline:

He/she must have been officially resident in the country he/she wishes to represent for a minimum continual period of one year.

A minimum period of two calendar years would have to elapse in which the member has not shot for any country.

Please read the England Team Handbook for England Team full eligibility rules, link above.


England DTL Team selection procedure

Below is the process used to decide selection for the England DTL Team for Home International Team matches only (under the jurisdiction of the ICTSC).  

To attend a DTL selection the shooter must submit 5 best scores (ex 100) from 3 different grounds for the period 1st July 2023 – 19th February 2024

Please note:  In line with our current rules, if you shoot the same ground on the same day, we can only accept your first score for England Team Selection

1.14 r) Two registered DTL or ESK shoots can be held on the same day using the same layouts. The second shoot cannot be used for Regional Championships or County Championships. Each shoot will be run as a separate event and fixture, and will have its own set of scores and winners etc. Both scores to count towards classification, but a shooter can only use one score (the first score shot) to count towards England Team selection.

The deadline for submitting these scores is midnight on Monday 19th February 2024

From these scores, the top 60 Seniors, 15 Ladies, 15 Juniors, 15 Veterans and 15 Super-veterans are invited to attend the selection shoots

This year (2024) there are 2 selection shoots in March and May 2024.  These are 200 target events, 100 targets each day and ​you must shoot both days of a selection shoot.  

Please note: The 2nd selection shoot is compulsory.

From these selection shoots it will be the best 4 x 100 scores from 6 to count on a points from High Gun basis on each individual day. 

  • For example if shooter A scores 99/297 and is the High Gun for that particular day, they will receive 0 points.
  • On the same day if shooter B scores 100/295 they will receive 2 points (One point incurred for every point less than the winning score).

Those shooters with the lowest points from High Gun over their best 4 shoots will go through to the Team

The category in which you are invited to attend these Selection Shoots may not necessarily be the category in which you are selected for the Team.  The England Team is decided upon to produce the strongest team.

DTL Home International Team Size:

  • 20 Seniors
  • 5 Ladies
  • 5 Juniors
  • 5 Veterans
  • 5 Super Veteran

DTL World Team Size:

  • 5 Seniors
  • 3 Ladies
  • 3 Juniors
  • 3 Veterans
  • 3 Super Veteran

Team Manager Information

The Team Manager for DTL is:  David Amos, contactable via email or telephone 07484 514650.

Category Ages

Home International Events (ICTSC)

Junior:                       A Junior is under the age of 21 on the 1st January in the year of competition

Veteran:                   A Veteran is 55 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition

Super Veteran:       A Super Veteran is 65 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition

England Team Captaincy

For DTL there is a Captain per Category - Open/Seniors, Ladies, Juniors, Veterans, Super Veterans.   The overall DTL Team Captain will be the Open/Senior Team Captain.

  • The Team Captain will be the member with most number of appearances (cpsa) in the specific event’s team, irrespective of category.  If any team member has already been Captain at any time in the past, their appearances will be counted from the year following their last captaincy.
  • In the event of two or more members having the same number of caps, the member with the earliest first team appearance will become Captain.  If there is still a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year. 

2024 DTL World Championship 6th - 13th July 2024

Scores submitted from the Dougal Memorial (10th June 2023) and English Open DTL  (11th June 2023) can be included to decide selection for the 2024 HCIT and the DTL World Championship, plus scores submitted from the 2 invited DTL Selection Shoots in 2024 listed below.

To be invited to attend the 2 x DTL Selection Shoots in 2024, the normal criteria will apply so please submit your best 5 scores from 3 different grounds for the period 1st July 2023 - 19th February 2024.  Scores can be submitted via this form - link to be added

Please note the 2nd Selection Shoot is compulsory.

From these selection shoots it will be the best 4 x 100 scores form 6 to count on a points from High Gun basis of each day.


2024 DTL Selection Shoots

      Book Through    Squad Lists    Scores    Points
England Team Selection Shoot 1 23 - 24 March 2024    Priory CTC, Lincolnshire CPSA Click here Click here    Click here
England Team Selection Shoot 2 4 - 5 May 2024    EYSG, Beverley, Yorkshire CPSA Click here Click here Click here
Please note Selection Shoot 2 is compulsory            

The 2024 Home International is being hosted by England at Bywell Shooting Ground on Monday 8th July 2024.

2024 DTL European UPDATE:

The European DTL will now be 100 targets on one day only.

The itinerary for the week will now be as follows:

Monday 8th July – Home International DTL/Bywell Challenge

Tuesday 9th July – British Open DTL

Wednesday 10th July – European DTL/Opening Ceremony

Thursday 11th – Saturday 13th July – ICTSF World DTL

Please note: All entries will now go live on Monday 15th January at 8pm








2023 Down The Line (DTL) Selection Dates

      Book Through Squad Lists    Scores Points  
England Team Selection Shoot 1 11 - 12 March North of England, Yorkshire        CPSA Click here Click here   Click Here  
England Team Selection Shoot 2 22 - 23 April Brook Bank, Somerset        CPSA Click here Click here Click Here   
England Team Selection Shoot 3 13 - 14 May Holmes Chapel, Cheshire        CPSA  Click here Click here Click Here  

DTL Weekend*                                        9 - 11 June 2023      Bywell                                      

DTL European Championships*        19 + 20 July 2023      Crossmore Clay Pigeon Club, Kilmurry McMahon, Co. Clare, Ireland     

DTL Home International                  21 July 2023              Crossmore Clay Pigeon Club, Kilmurry McMahon, Co. Clare, Ireland  

DTL British Open*                               22 July 2023               Crossmore Clay Pigeon Club, Kilmurry McMahon, Co. Clare,  Ireland      

*Booking for DTL European and DTL British Open opens on 1 January 2023.


FIREARM PERMITS:  As the HCIT is being held in the Republic of Ireland in 2023, firearm permits are required which will take 8/10 weeks to process.  Permits are valid for 12 months.

Please apply for your permit using this link:   Irish Clay Target Shooting Association ( 


TRAVEL TO REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - STENA LINE have set up a 15% discount for members to travel by car, motorhome or motorcycle on their Irish Sea routes in 2023.

Those wishing to book simply go to  // and enter:

First Name:


Event Number: 6GRWY9


2023 Results 

DTL 2023 England Team can be  VIEWED HERE


Photos can be viewed here

DTL World Championship England Team

2023 DTL World Championship scores can be viewed here  Day 1 and Day 2 

2023 DTL World Championship Individual England Winners

Huge congratulations to Nigel Chapman the Super Veteran World Champion bringing home GOLD!!

Many congratulations to Emma Holden taking Silver in the Ladies World Championship! 

2023 DTL World Championship England Team placement:

Congratulations to the England Super Veterans Team - John Adams, Cliff Pain and Peter Bugler who came  2nd in the DTL World Championships National Teams Final 

Congratulations to the England Ladies Team - Emma Holden, Joanna Fairclough, Lorriane Greeening and to the England Veteran Team - Christopher Moule, Nigel Chapman and Paul Sant for taking 3rd place in the DTL World Championships National Teams Final.

England Team Manager's Report can be viewed here





Valley Gun Club, Paarl, South Africa on 29th - 31st March 2023.   Worlds DTL England Team can be viewed here 2023 DTL WORLDS TEAM

For any DTL shooter travelling with Firearms to South Africa

Permit Paperwork  - The following paperwork along with your Letter of Invitaton and your Gun Licence is required to temporarily export your gun to South Africa:

2 copies of Border Force documentation.  Link to UK Border Force form to obtain temporary export of firearms to South Africa   Border Force Paperwork 

E-mail completed Border Force paperwork to at least 30 days prior to UK departure who will issue the temporary export form direct to you.

2 completed copies of Form SAPS 520 to take with you.

Options to obtain your permit:


Upon arrival at Cape Town Airport proceed to collect your luggage, have all your paperwork ready - as per above and letter of invitation.  The Firearm collection point is in the same building as the luggage collection point, collect your gun and proceed to Firearms desk to present your paperwork to SA authorities to be stamped.


Permits can also be obtained via South African Police Service – please note SAPS do not courier the permits but they have agents working in SA that they will ask to assist with the process to ensure your permit is at the airport upon your arrival, there may be a fee payable


Contact an agent who will get the permits to Cape Town airport for your arrival which will incur a charge of $160 +

Henry Durrheim

T: +27 83 379 7062       E:       W:







2022 RESULTS: 

2022 England Team for the Down The Line (DTL) Home International can be viewed here -  2022 DTL England Team 

2022 England Team for the Down The Line (DTL) European Championships can be viewed here - 2022 DTL England Team

 2022 HCIT DTL Home International scores.pdf   2022 British Open DTL Classes.pdf     2022 British Open DTL scores.pdf    Europeans DTL Team Results.pdf

Congratulations to DTL England Team Medal Winners in the European DTL Championships 13-14 July 2022 View Teams here

Gold Medals - England Super Veterans Team and England Juniors Team

Silver Medals - England Veterans Team and England Senior Team

Silver Medal Ladies European Individual Category - Tegan Hart

Congratulations to 2022 Down The Line (DTL) England Team Gold Medal Winners at DTL Home International Tournament 15 July 2022   View Teams here

Gold Medals - England DTL Seniors Team

Gold Medals - England DTL Ladies Team

Gold Medals - England DTL Veterans Team

Gold Medals - England DTL Senior Veterans Team


Please Note:  The CPSA reserve the right to change this selection process as necessary due to government restrictions or exceptional circumstances.