Our Commission Scheme

Membership Sales Commission Scheme

This scheme is only available to authorised individuals of the CPSA

Membership Commission Rates are:-

Full £10.00
Family £5.00
Veteran £5.00
Junior £3.50
Colt None
Clubman £5.00

Please note Individual Members receive credit to use against membership, championships, CPSA shop goods, courses etc.  This offer has no cash value.

To ensure the applicant is sold the correct type of membership, it is the responsibility of the Authorised Individual to have a thorough knowledge of the differences between Full and Clubman membership and to clearly demonstrate these to the applicant.

Membership (and therefore insurance) is effective from the time payment is taken. 

New Full Members who join on the day of a Registered shoot should quote their Postcode to the shoot organiser in place of their membership number yet to be allocated. 

Welcome packs with membership cards are normally dispatched from HQ within 7 working days from receipt of a complete application with payment.

Terms & Conditions:

Authorised individuals include the following whose memberships must be current at the time of the sale:

Elected Officers and those co-opted by Regional and County Committees as detailed on the CPSA HQ database; All current CPSA qualified Instructors/Coaches; Affiliated, Associated, Registered, premier, and Premier Plus Ground/Club officials, Trade Members and current CPSA ‘Competition’ and ‘Clubman’ as detailed on the CPSA HQ database.

  1. A new membership sale is defined as a sale to an individual who has never been a member of the CPSA.
  2. Membership applications accompanied by payment and clearly marked with the Authorised Individual’s details must be forwarded within three working days of being sold.
  3. Commission is only earned from new sales that are completed and funds received at CPSA HQ.
  4. Only one year’s commission is paid if the applicant purchases a two-year deal option.
  5. Family Membership includes any further individuals, over the age of 21, living at one address where there is already one Competition Member. The new membership runs in line with the Competition members’ term, and is calculated pro-rata to their expiry. Family membership commission is paid at the same rate regardless of the term of the membership period sold to bring the new family member’s expiry date in line with the principal member.
  6. If the sale is by Credit Card (cc) or Debit Card (dc), CPSA will process the card number and account for the commission due at the end of the following quarter.
  7. If the sale is by Direct Debit mandate, CPSA will process the payment and account for the commission due at the end of the following quarter.
  8. There is no commission on renewals, upgrades, or part-year taken. (i.e. Clubman to Full and additional Family).
  9. Only membership sales attributable to the Authorised Individual accompanied by payment are eligible. Forms distributed by Authorised Individuals must have the identity of the Authorised Individual clearly indentified on the application by membership name and number, or Ground / Trade name.
  10. The Authorised Individual is responsible for the payment and, in the event of any shortfall from any payment by miscalculation, insufficient funds, and incorrect cc/dc numbers or for any other reason. HQ reserves the right to recover any shortfalls from commissions due.
  11. CPSA HQ reserves the right to disallow any Authorised Individual from having the facility to sell memberships for the benefit of commission if they do not satisfactorily maintain the administration. This requires correctly completed applications, correct membership categories, correct and prompt payment, and timely submission of all applications and payments.
  12. CPSA HQ reserves the right to withdraw or amend the scheme at any time. Current Commission terms as available on this website.  Terms are those applicable on the date of any sale.

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