Visitor's Shotgun Permits

Visiting the UK to shoot


Prior to applying for a Visitor's Shotgun Permit, please read the information below as the Police are now strictly adhering to the new Home Office Guide on Firearms Law.

The application form is at the bottom of this page.

When applying for a Visitor's Shotgun Permit, please ensure you are allowing a minimum of 8 weeks for your application to be processed. This will allow time for necessary checks to be made before we submit the application.  If you allow less than 8 weeks we cannot guarantee that your Visitor's Shotgun Permit will be issued in time for your visit and you should make alternative arrangements.

This form must be used by persons resident overseas when visiting Great Britain to apply for a Visitor's Shotgun Permit (section 2 firearms, shotguns as defined by UK Law*). Grant of the permit will allow import and use of the listed firearms and/or the acquisition of approved firearms for use and export.  The CPSA will act as the overseas visitor's sponsor for the purposes of making the application.  The CPSA will not sponsor applications for any other type of firearm.

*Firearms to which section 2 applies are shotguns including any smooth bore gun with a barrel length of not less than 60.96cm (24 inches) and a bore of not more than 5.08cm (2 inches) and has a non-detachable magazine holding not more than two cartridges.  Shotguns and any other weapons that do not fall within this description are Section 1 firearms. 

The current cost of a VSP is £50 (excluding CPSA membership and postage).


A VSP will only be issued for the duration of a particular visit - unless the request for permit lasting ONE YEAR can be justified and proved with a supporting letter.

This letter can include details such as:

  • an itinerary of intended visits for the year
  • invitations to shoot for either competitive or non-competitive events
  • booking confirmations for events and/or accommodation
  • details of shooting history year on year

For further assistance, we have an online template that you can use to generate a standard covering letter by clicking here. Which if necessary, will then email you a PDF that you can upload with your application or you can email it to us via



If you are not a member of the CPSA or another recognised national governing body attending an established competition in Great Britain, you will need to apply for CPSA membership before applying for a permit. 

 Please click here to join today [you can then return to this permit application page which will be pre-populated with your membership details].

From 1st January 2021, a European Firearms Pass (EFP) will no longer be an acceptable form of proof of firearms possession.  Instead, you will be required to send a copy of a valid Shooting Licence or Firearms certificate that details the guns you are intending to import.  In addition to confirming the possession of the firearms, we also need to verify the identity of the applicant.  If the licence or certificate does not confirm name and date of birth, then we will need a copy of your passport or EFP to validate your identity.  

The following are acceptable forms of documentation 

  • a current firearms certificate/licence
  • a hunting licence
  • a membership card of a shooting organisation issued in your own country or
  • a letter of good standing from your local Police/Sheriff department. 
  • *all of the above should be supported  by a passport of EFP to validate identity

Please upload this documentation with your application below.

Alternatively, this can be sent via email to or by post to The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association Ltd, Edmonton House, National Shooting Centre, Brookwood, Surrey GU24 0NP, England.

If you make additional visits to the UK within the validity of a permit, you MUST notify both the CPSA and Sussex Police of the intended dates of travel and the address of where you will be staying. Failure to do this may result in your shotguns being seized and your permit revoked.



Please ensure you have read all details above before applying.