Discipline Sub-Committee Representatives

English Skeet Sub-Committee


Carl Smith

Regional Representatives:  
North Liz Shanks
West Midlands Paul Fallon / C Bethell
East Midlands Darren Parsons / Bob Meadows
South West John Dunne
South East Peter Saich
England Team Manager Julia Havill
Additional Members: Frank Arico
  Martin Brister
  Neil Faulkner
  Mark Lewis
  Tony Randall
  Sean Severn
  Johnny Walker

Please click on the links below to read minutes for the CPSA English Skeet Sub-Committee meetings.

October 2013
April 2014
October 2016

English Sporting Sub-Committee

Chair Miles Machin
Regional Representatives:  
North Linda Grayson / Tom Long
West Midlands Steve Lovatt
East Midlands Andrew Clifton / Colin Butler
South West Mike Harvey / Ian Stones
South East Richard Weller
England Team Manager  
Additional Members Philip Simpson
  Mike Williams
  Chris Baker
  Paul Thomas
  Becky McKenzie
  Tony Leonard
  Ed Solomons 


Down The Line Sub-Committee

Chair John Martin
Regional Representatives  
North Paul Chaplow / Emma Holden
West Midlands J Barnet / J Ruane
East Midlands Carl Smith / Dick Hails
South West Graham Sanderson / Paul Rendell
South East John Offord
England Team Debbie Bellamy
Additional Members Curtis Woolley
  John Stevenson
  Russ Holden
  Dave Hinchcliffe
  Ken Rimington
  James Holden

Please click on the links below to read minutes for the CPSA DTL Sub-Committee meetings.

October 2014
November 2016

Automatic Ball Trap Sub-Committee

Chair John Leightley
Regional Representatives  
North Ian Ainsley
West Midlands John Nightingale / I Hull
East Midlands Tim Jones / Carl Smith
South West  
South East Metin Cenkci
England Team Manager Karen Caves
Referee Mike Williams
Additional Members Phil Rowley