Safeguarding Children


The Clay Pigeon Shooting Association’s (CPSA) position is that child protection is everyone's responsibility.

Child abuse can and does occur outside the family setting. It can happen wherever there are children and at any time; at school, in the park, at the club.  Sadly, there are some people who seek to be where children are simply in order to abuse them.  Recent inquiries indicate that abuse that takes place within a public setting is rarely a one‐off event.

Everyone in the CPSA’s membership has a part to play in looking after the children with whom they are working. This is both a moral and a legal obligation.  
If the Policy is to protect children, everyone involved in shooting needs to see and discuss this Guide. The CPSA is, therefore, asking all Coach/instructors, and Officials to make sure that this Guide is widely distributed and made available at club, county, regional and national levels.  

It is also important that everyone knows the identity of the Child Protection Officer (CPO) for their own organisation. This policy is distributed to all CPSA clubs/grounds as a guide and should, if necessary be adapted to suit the club/grounds own requirements as independent organisations or
businesses etc.

If you have any doubts about the policy, procedures and what constitutes good practice in this
area please contact the CPSA for further guidance.

To download the full CPSA Child Protection Policy, click here