Nicola Heron

National Director

Nicola Heron

My passion for shooting started in 1987 and I got my first gun licence in October 1988. Interested in shooting competitions, I joined the CPSA. Since then I have shot every week whether practice, competitions, or fun with friends shooting various disciplines. England Caps for FITASC sporting in 2003 and 2004. First of many GBR cap for Helice in 2005 and then have been lucky enough to have won World, European and National titles.

My extensive business experience is as you would expect of a 58-year-old. For many years I worked as a mechanical engineer in the petrocarbon industry, and then 27 years ago, I set up my current business. 

Most shooters will know about my time on CPSA county and regional committees and as a Director of the CPSA and BICTSF boards, but not many may know that I was involved in the original NATSS board, sat on BSSC at Whitehall and sat on various other committees involved in Sport England funding, WSP and Disability Shooting. 

My constant aim is to protect our sport, its ground and the members. To encourage more shooters into competition shooting at county, regional and international level. I also aim to raise the profile of the sport at grass roots level, helping to develop the competitors of tomorrow and to see more people enjoying our sport. As a CPSA Level 2 International Coach I have given hours of my time helping young shots reach their potential. 

I want to kill the apathy in the sport and encourage more shooters to know and understand how their sport is run, ensuring at all times that our sport is open, transparent and managed with care. I work for the membership, always. The members and grounds ‘are’ the CPSA and people should not forget that.