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Question Answer
Do I have to wear Hearing & Eye Protection? The wearing of Hearing & Eye protection is compulsory while shooting, refereeing, scoring, trapping, officiating or spectating near shooting stands.
Do my scores have to be submitted to CPSA HQ? If you are a Competition member then all your scores have to be submitted by the ground to HQ, including 'Target Only' scores, within 7 days.
As a Clubman member can I upgrade to a Competition member? You can upgrade at any time and we would only calculate the difference between the two membership fees on a pro-rata basis to the end of your current membership year. You would be given a new membership number.
How can I pay for my membership? We are happy to accept payment via our website, by post or over the phone. Most credit/debit cards are accepted, although we do not take American Express.
Can I cancel my membership and request a refund? Our Articles of Association do not allow us to refund part year membership fees.
Will I automatically get a temporary classification? Yes, but you can also ask us to issue you with one once you've shot at least 300 registered targets.
Can other members of my family join at a reduced rate? Yes. Additional household members can join at a reduced rate but one member has to pay the Full, Veteran or Disabled rate.
Can I apply for a Visitors Shotgun Permit over the telephone? No. We require you to complete a full on-line application form to ensure all questions are answered fully for the police authority we submit the application to.