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Premier League trophy

Premier League 2017

Thanks to all at Honesberie Shooting School  for putting on a great shoot for the penultimate leg in the Premier League series sponsored by BrowningPromatic, Sunglasses for Sport and Gamebore on Sunday 13th August. We now look forward to the final at Owls Lodge Shooting School on Saturday 16th September.

  1. Southdown Gun Club - Congratulations to Team Southdown securing the top team score at the first shoot in the series and also to Barrow Heath shooter Anthony Johnson in C Class who had a fantastic shoot and holds the top individual spot with his handicap of 15 giving a total score of 99 ex 100.
  2. West London Shooting School - Many congratulations to Team Barrow Heath for their top team score at this event and to B Class shooters James Yarrow, Sam Rattley and Darren Isaac and C Class shooter George Howling who all achieved the maximum capped score of 100 with their respective handicaps applied.
  3. E J Churchills Shooting Ground - Many congratulations to Team Cambridge for their top team score of 932 ex 1000. Also congratulations to Martin Myers as High Gun with 96 ex 100 and to Barrow Heath shooter George Howling and Cambridge shooter Darren Stanford who both scored the maximum 100 with their class handicaps applied.
  4. Barrow Heath Shooting Ground - Many congratulations to Team Barrow Heath for the home victory with a team score of 917 ex 1000. Also congratulations to Southdown's James Attwood as High Gun with 96 ex 100 and Cambridge shooter Darren Stanford who once again scored the maximum 100 with his handicap applied. 
  5. Sporting Targets - A clean sweep for Team Cambridge this weekend with High Gun honours going to Phil Gray with 93 ex 100 so congratulations to him and to Darren Stanford who continues his great form with a 96 ex 100 with his handicap applied. These scores helped Team Cambridge to a convincing Team win of 867 ex 1000.  Remember, it's the best 5 scores from the 8 competitions so there is still plenty to play for in the final 3 matches!
  6. Cambridge Gun Club - Congratulations to Team Barrow Heath once again for their top team score of 967 ex 1000. Also congratulations to John Lee, James Attwood, Dan Mawby & Steve Whitelock who all tied on 97 ex 100 on the raw scores to share the High Gun & AA honours. We also had four shooters score the maximum 100 with their handicaps applied so well done to Darren Stanford, George Howling, Anthony Johnson & Sean Crutchfield for a great days shooting. 
  7. Honesberie Shooting School - Congratulations to Team Honesberie for their home win of 877 ex 1000 beating both Cambridge & Barrow Heath into tied second place with 866 ex 1000. Also many congratulations to Team Southdown's James Attwood for his fantastic High Gun score of 96 ex 100 pipping Honesberie's Martin Myers (95 ex 100) and Southdown's Chris Childerhouse (94 ex 100) into 2nd & 3rd place respectively. Full Handicap results are available to view here . All prize money from this shoot has been brought back to CPSA HQ and will be available to collect at the British Open Sporting or at Owls Lodge for the final Premier League event. For the outstanding prize money list please click here.
  8. Owls Lodge Shooting School - Saturday 16th September - Final and Trophy Presentations. Plus Pool Shoot.

It's not only great fun to be part of a team but there is £250 High Gun up for grabs at each event and a £3,000 cash pot for the series winners with the overall High Gun taking home £750 cash, a Browning B725 Black Edition Sporter, brand new Pilla x7 Boost Shooting Glasses and 500 Gamebore White Gold cartridges.






We are happy to be supporting The Lily Foundation over this Premier League series and would ask you to give generously at the shoots and/or pledge any potential winnings by signing up at For more information on The Lily Foundation and the important work it supports please click here


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