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Scores that relate to each classification issue are:

Classification Issue Number

Based on registered scores
from the

to the

52 1st of May 2016 30th April 2017
51 1st of November 2015 31st October 2016
50 1st of May 2015 30th April 2016
49 1st of November 2014 31st October 2015
48 1st of May 2014 30th April 2015
47 1st of November 2013 31st October 2014
46 1st of May 2013 30th April 2014
45 1st of November 2012 31st October 2013
44 1st of May 2012 30th April 2013
43 1st of November 2011 31st October 2012
42 1st of May 2011 30th April 2012
41 1st of November 2010 31th of October 2011
40 1st of May 2010 30th of April 2011
39 1st of November 2009 31th of October 2010
38 1st of May 2009 30th of April 2010
37 1st of November 2008 31st of October 2009
36 1st of May 2008 30th of April 2009
35 1st of November 2007 31st of October 2008
34 1st of May 2007 30th of April 2008

Please note that CPSA Registered grounds are requested to return your registered scores within 7 days of the date of the event. After this period, they are sent a reminder by Head Office. To see a list of outstanding scores please click here.

Once your scores have been received they will be input onto Head Office systems as quickly as possible (usually within three working days) and will appear on the website the next day.

Please note that the scores shown, although accurate, may not reflect the actual competition winners of each registered event as on the day or temporary classifications may not be indicated and categories shown are based on the CPSA domestic definition only. Furthermore the scores of members from other national clay shooting associations may not be included and as such clarification of competition winners should be sought from the event organiser directly.

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