What are classifications?

Our Classification System provides each shooter with a classification to enable them to compete against other shooters of similar ability.

Each shooting discipline, generally, has four ability bands or 'classes' as shown below:

The following disciplines use the letters to denote the classes AAA (ESP & STR only at National Championships) AA, A, B, C:

DTL (Down the Line)
S/B (Single Barrel)
D/R (Double Rise)
ESK (English Skeet)
SKD (Skeet Doubles)
ESP (English Sporting)
STR (Sportrap)
A/R (All Round)

The following disciplines use the letters to denote the classes A, B, C, D:

ABT (Automatic Ball Trap)
OTR (Olympic Trap)
OSK (Olympic Skeet)
D/T (Double Trap)
UTR (Universal Trench)
FSP (FITASC Sporting)

Classifications are re-calculated every six months and implemented, as classification issue numbers, on the 1st of June and the 1st of December each year.

These classifications are calculated based on scores registered from the respective 12 month rolling shooting periods of the 1st of May to the 30th of April for the 1st of June issue and the 1st of November to the 31st of October for the 1st of December issue, as shown below.

All registered scores from the above shooting periods and received at CPSA HQ by 10th May and 10th November respectively, will be used towards classifications in the next period. Members who have an official classification in a given discipline will shoot in that class whenever they enter a Registered event in that discipline.

How do you get a Classification?

To become a “classified” shooter, a member must shoot a minimum of 100 Registered targets in any specific discipline during the 12 months prior to 30th April or 31st October.

New members will be entitled, within the first twelve months of their Competition membership, to a temporary classification certificate. This will be issued, on request, provided the member has shot a minimum of 300 Registered targets in a given discipline. This temporary certificate will come into effect
immediately. The temporary certificate will become redundant once the normal CPSA Classification procedure comes into effect.

Once a member has obtained a classification in any discipline, they will not become “unclassified”, even if they do not shoot at all in the following year(s). Members who have not shot in registered events during any 12 month classification scores period who have previously obtained a classification in any discipline, will find that their classes are still shown in the Classification database of the Shoot program.

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