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Application for Visitor's Shot Gun Permit


Prior to applying for a Visitor Shotgun Permit please ensure you are allowing at least 8 weeks. We have been informed by Surrey Police that they will NOT under any circumstances process an application quicker than 6 weeks. In addition to this we also need time to check the accuracy and completeness of documentation before we submit it and allow for postal times back to overseas Countries. Therefore, if your VSP arrival date is less than 8 weeks away please do not apply and kindly make alternative arrangements.

This form should be used by persons resident overseas when visiting Great Britain to apply for a Visitor's Shotgun Permit (Section 2 firearms, shotguns as defined in UK law*). Grant of the permit will allow import and use of the listed firearms and/or the acquisition of approved firearms for use and export. The CPSA will act as the overseas visitors Sponsor for the purposes of making the application. The CPSA will not sponsor applications for any other type of firearm.

It is an offence for any persons to knowingly or recklessly make a false statement for the purpose of procuring the grant of a permit.

*Firearms to which Section 2 applies are shotguns including any smooth bore gun with a barrel length of not less than 60.96 cm (24 inches) and a bore of not more than 5.08 cm (2 inches) and has a non-detachable magazine holding not more than two cartridges. Shotguns and any other weapons that do not fall within this description are Section 1 firearms.

Translations (please click on your countries flag below):
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To make amendments to your exisiting VSP please contact Fiona Bloxham by e-mail

The current cost of a visitors shotgun permit is £40.00 (excluding CPSA membership and postage).

If you are not a member of the CPSA and/or another recognised national governing body attending an established competition in Great Britain you will need to apply for CPSA membership before applying for a permit. Please click here to join today
[You will then be returned to this permit application page which will be pre-populated with your membership details.]

Your details will be automatically completed if you are:

Already a member of the CPSA? Login to your account

About You
  1. Mr, Miss, Mrs, Dr, etc.

  2. Please enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

† Please include all dates and pertinent details. You must include revocation of shotgun certificates and/or firearms licenses, motoring offences, and convictions by courts outside of Great Britain. Failure to declare previous convictions will result in your application being rejected.

Your Shotguns
Bore/Gauge Maker's Name Shotgun Action† Identification No. Capacity††
Bore/Gauge Description (optional)

† Break-action (O/U), Break-action (S/S), Break-action (S/B), Semi-auto, Pump-action etc.
†† Semi-Auto: How many cartridges can the shotgun hold at any one time?
If more than one barrel set, quote both serials. If action-block and barrels have different serials quote both.

Your Arrival to Great Britain
  1. Please enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

† If you are staying at more than one location, please provide one of the addresses here.

European Firearms Pass (EFP)

From the 1st of October 2011 your original EFP is no longer required in order to obtain a UK visitors permit (although you may still post the original if you prefer).

We must receive a full legible copy which can be uploaded with this online application, emailed to or posted to us.

EFP's are required from residents of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovkia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland.

(Visitor Permits cannot extend beyond the EFP expiry date)

  1. Please enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

Your Permit

  1. Please enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

  2. Please enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

  3. The permit can only be valid for a maximum of one year. Please enter the date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

  4. Where would you like your permit sent?

The permit cost is £40.00.

* = Required field

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