Olympic Skeet

Olympic Skeet (OSK)

Welcome to the Olympic Skeet (OSK) Team page.  Everything you need to know about representing England in this discipline can be found here.

Olympic Skeet (OSK) is, as the name suggests, the version of Skeet shot at the Olympics. OSK uses the same seven stations as English Skeet (ESK), but also has an eighth station set forward of the other seven, mid-way between stations one and seven (the same as American NSSA Skeet). A different sequence of shooting from ESK is used.  For more information please click here


Shooting for England

To be eligible to represent any England Clay Target Shooting Team please see the England Team Handbook.  England Team Handbook

Below is the process used to decide selection for the England Olympic Skeet (OSK) Team for Home International Team matches only (under the jurisdiction of the ICTSC).   

There are 3 selection shoots that run between March and August each year. Where these shoots are held is determined by a rota.

Sometimes we use the British Shooting Shot Gun Series shoot as 1 of our selections.

For all events it is ‘Points from High Gun’

  • For the last 2 events the score will be taken from each day (ex 100). 
  • For the SGS, the score will be taken as a % from the High Gun score from 125 (over the 2 days) to give a score ex 100.
  • It is your best 4 scores (ex 100) from 5 to count.
  • When submitting your scores, please list the score from each day. YOU MUST SHOOT BOTH DAYS OF EACH EVENT FOR YOUR SCORE TO COUNT
  • For the SGS R1 please list your final score and we will calculate the %.

All scores will be checked and verified.

Scores are submitted after the last shoot but only the best 4 from 5 (EX100) scores may be needed to count. 

The deadline for submitting these scores is 9.00am Monday 30th May 2022.

Points from High Gun of each event are calculated and shooters with the lowest scores go through to represent England.

**As the Home International is being held in Ireland in 2022, you must be 16 years or older to shoot.

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To book simply go to  Special Event Booking | Stena Line  and enter First Name, Surname and Event Number SWRT7V

The Olympic Skeet (OSK) Team Size:

  • 9 Seniors
  • 2 Ladies
  • 2 Juniors
  • 2 Veterans
  • 2 Super Veterans

If you wish to be considered for the England Team selection, please complete the relevant form via the link below.


Team Manager Information

The Team Manager for OSK is Dorothy Bird contactable via email benridgebirds@yahoo.co.uk or via text 07846 640401


2022 Olympic Skeet Selection Dates 

British Shooting Link for SGS1 entries  https://britishshooting.sport80.com/events

      Book Through Squads    
Shotgun Series R1 + England Team Selection Shoot 2-3 April East Yorkshire Shooting Ground British Shooting      
English Open + England Team Selection Shoot 9 - 10 April NCSC CPSA Click Here     
English Grand Prix + England Team Selection Shoot 21 - 22 May Doveridge CPSA      
Home International 13 August  National Shooting Ground, Esker, Co. Galway      


England Team Selection Shoot 1    2-3 April 2022     EYSG       Click here

England Team Selection Shoot 2   9-10 April 2022    NCSC      Click here

England Team Selection Shoot 3   21-22 May 2022  Doveridge     Click here


Please enter your scores here


2022 Olympic Skeet England Team Home Countries International Tournament

Link to OSK 2022 HCIT Invitation 


Please ensure you apply for your non-resident shotgun permit as soon as possible after the final Selection Shoot as we have been informed that the application process may take 8/10 weeks.

Please apply via this link https://www.ictsa.ie/products/irish-garda-non-resident-shotgun-permit-application


Category Ages

Home International Events (ICTSC)

Junior:                       A Junior is under the age of 21 on the 1st January in the year of competition

Veteran:                   A Veteran is 55 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition

Super Veteran:       A Super Veteran is 65 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition


England Team Captaincy

  • The Team Captain will be the member with the most number of appearances (cpsa) in the specific event’s team, irrespective of category.  If any team member has already been Captain at any time in the past, their appearances will be counted from the year following their last captaincy.
  • In the event of two or more members having the same number of caps, the member with the earliest first team appearance will become Captain.  If there is still a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year. 

At a team’s inception, the member with the lowest qualifying total points score will take the captaincy, if there is a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year.


England Olympic Skeet Team

Names of successful shooters who have achieved a place on the 2022 England Team for the Olympic Skeet Home International will be available to view here.



Please Note:

The CPSA reserve the right to change this selection process as necessary due to government restrictions or exceptional circumstances.