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English Sporting (ESP)

Welcome to the English Sporting Team page.  Everything you need to know about representing England in this discipline can be found here.

English Sporting (ESP ) is the most popular discipline in England. From November 2017 to October 2018, 56 percent of all CPSA Registered targets shot were ESP (DTL was next with 15 percent).  In ESP shooters move across a course of stands set across a wide variety of terrain, often set far apart.  The terrain can vary from woodland to farmland to rolling hills or cliff faces – whatever is available on the land is fair game.  For this reason, it is sometimes likened to ‘golf with shotguns’.   

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Shooting for England

To be eligible to represent any England Clay Target Shooting Team please see England Team Handbook.   England Team Handbook

Below is the process used to decide selection for the English Sporting (ESP) Team for Home International Team matches only (under the jurisdiction of the ICTSC).   

There are 5 selection shoots that run between March and August each year. One is held in each CPSA Region.

We also include the English Open Sporting as one of the selection shoots.

Scores are submitted after the last shoot but the best 4 from 6 scores may only be needed to count. 

The deadline for submitting these scores is Midnight on 8th August 2022.

Points are calculated from High Gun of each day and shooters with the lowest scores go through to represent England.

Please note High Gun will be taken from each day.


The ESP Home International Team Size: 

  • 15 Seniors
  • 3 Ladies
  • 3 Juniors
  • 3 Veterans
  • 3 Super Veterans


Team Manager Information

The Team Manager for ESP is:  Phil Easeman contactable via email p.easeman@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 07771 863880


Category Ages

Home International Events (ICTSC)

Junior:                       A Junior is under the age of 21 on the 1st January in the year of competition

Veteran:                   A Veteran is 55 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition

Super Veteran:       A Super Veteran is 65 or over on the 1st January in the year of competition


England Team Captaincy

  • The Team Captain will be the member with most number of appearances (cpsa) in the specific event’s team, irrespective of category.  If any team member has already been Captain at any time in the past, their appearances will be counted from the year following their last captaincy.
  • In the event of two or more members having the same number of caps, the member with the earliest first team appearance will become Captain.  If there is still a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year. 

At a team’s inception, the member with the lowest qualifying total points score will take the captaincy, if there is a tie, the lowest ORIGINAL CPSA number will determine the captaincy for that year.


2022 NSCA/CPSA World English Sporting Championships England Team

Captain: Chris Childerhouse





Chris Childerhouse

Amy Easeman

Ron Chipman

Phil Rowbottom

Jake Moore

Emma Stacey

Daniel King

Anthony Dean

William Baughan

Jennie Cartwright

Kallum Burrell

Mark Bowes

James Attwood




Timothy Webster




Venue: National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas – 20th – 24th April 2022.

Congratulations to the England English Sporting Team and Phil Easeman, Team Manager, who have just competed in the World English Sporting Clays Championships in Texas.

Our Senior, Ladies and Junior Teams were Runners Up and our Veterans Team achieved third place. 

Well done Billy Baughan for his score of 180.

View all scores via this link http://www.winscoreonline.com/view_results.php?tournament_id=5785



2022 ESP Selection Dates

      Book Through    
EM England Team Selection Shoot 19 - 20 March Orston Ground    
WM England Team Selection Shoot 9 - 10 April Westfield Ground    
English Open (Selection Shoot) 18 - 22 May High Lodge CPSA    
N England Team Selection Shoot 4 - 5 June Jet Hall Ground    
SE England Team Selection Shoot 25 - 26 June Redricks Ground    
SW England Team Selection Shoot 6  August* Owls Lodge Ground    
*When this date is full 4th August will be opened up          
ESP Home Countries International Tournament 10th September 2022 Lecq Clay Target Club, Jersey      

RESULTS                                                                                                            Day 1                 Day 2              Day 3                Day 4           Day 5

EM England Team Selection Shoot     19-20 March     Orston          Click Here      Click Here   

WM England Team Selection Shoot     9-10 April         Westfield      Click Here      Click Here

English Open (Selection Shoot)            18-22 May        High Lodge   

N England Team Selection Shoot         4-5 June            Jet Hall          

SE England Team Selection Shoot        25-26 June       Redricks        

SW England Team Selection Shoot       6 August          Owls Lodge   



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2022 ESP HCIT Invitation and Information



A temporary visitor permit is required to enter Jersey with a firearm.  Please apply via  States of Jersey Police - Temporary Firearms Permit



England ESP Team

Names of successful shooters who have achieved a place on the 2022 England Team for the ESP Home International will be available to view here.




2022 NSCA/CPSA World English Sporting Championships Results

2022 ESP England Team Home International Results




Please Note:

The CPSA reserve the right to change this selection process as necessary due to government restrictions or exceptional circumstances.