Ground/Club Banned Members

Any ground about to enter in to a contract with the CPSA to hold a major or minor championship, or selection shoot, that has had cause to ban a CPSA member from that ground must notify the CPSA, in writing prior to signing the contract, of the name(s) of such member(s).

The ground is also required to advise the CPSA if they are willing to allow said member(s) to take part in the competition or if not on what basis the ground would allow this to happen. If they are not they must, at the same time, provide the background to the case and their reasons for banning the member.

The CPSA will then contact the member(s) detailing the ground's position and the facts surrounding the ban as the ground sees them and, if he/she/they indicate a wish to enter the competition ask him/her/them to submit, in writing, their account of the case for consideration.

A sub-committee of the Board, convened by the CEO, comprising four directors (none from the region of either the member or ground) will decide, upon the evidence presented, whether to support the ban imposed by the ground, which will preclude the member(s) from entering that competition, or to ask the ground to lift the ban for the purposes of that specific competition. The Board to ratify said decision.

Should the ground, if requested, refuse to lift the ban then the competition may be re-allocated to another ground.