Shoot Safe, Stay Safe

Guidance on our return to shooting

We are continuing to work with Government and other associations, planning for our return to shooting. Please see our guidance documents and posters which hopefully will be of use to you as you re-open your grounds and clubs, and restart registered shooting. It goes without saying that we will fully support and follow the Government guidelines as we get back to our sport. 

Thank you again for your continued support. See you soon, stay safe, stay well and enjoy our sport.

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Guidance Document - Shoot Safe, Stay Safe 
version 2.3 - 04/03/2021

Guidance Document - Registered Formats 
version 1.6 - 04/03/2021


Hygiene Poster - Wash Hands (regularly)

Hygiene Poster - Respiratory (catch coughs / sneezes)

Safety Poster  - Social Distancing, Keep Apart

Site Poster - Shooter Safety Notice