You can read through a selection of our Courses related FAQs below. If you have a question for us which isn't answered below, please contact our National Development Manager Richard Worthington. Email Richard here.


Question Answer
I’m not a CPSA member; can I take one of your courses anyway? You can attend our Shotgun Skills courses without being a member but you must be a CPSA member to attend our other courses as once qualified we provide Professional Indemnity Insurance whilst undertaking your duties as a Safety Officer etc.
Do I need to be a certain level of shooter to attend any of your courses?

No, however, we do expect candidates on our L1 Instructor Course to be reasonably experienced shooters and ideally at least a B Class shot in one of our domestic disciplines (ESP, ESK, DTL or ABT). If not classified then you must have been shooting for at least 2 years and your ability will be assessed at the Instructor Development Workshop stage where you will be required to shoot a number of targets using the CPSA Method and you will be asked to diagnose some fault shooting by one of the course Tutors. 

In order to be considered for attendance on a L2 Coaching course, at least a year must have elapsed between the Level 1 and the Level 2 course or between one Level 2 course and another. In addition, the candidate must have completed the Common Element (CE) course and Coach Development Workshop (CDW) and qualified as a Referee in their chosen discipline.

How long do the qualifications last, and do they ever need to be topped up? There are currently no time limits on our qualifications, however we reserve the right to introduce refresher courses in the future to ensure those qualified are kept up to date with rule changes and guidelines.
What benefits do I get from qualifying on any of the CPSA Courses?  

As the National Governing Body for the sport of Clay Target Shooting, our courses are widely regarded as the most comprehensive training available and are sought after by Clubs and Grounds around the UK.

We also provide additional professional indemnity insurance up to £10M for qualified members whilst undertaking their specific roles. 

If I qualify as a CPSA Instructor, am I eligible to teach the Shotgun Skills course? Yes, you would be eligible to teach Shotgun Skills Modules 1 & 2. Our Level 2 Coaches are eligible to teach Modules 3 & 4 which is Advanced Skills.
I’ve already gained some qualifications with another organisation; do they count towards CPSA courses? No, in order to progress through our courses you must follow our pathway starting with the Safety Officer Course.
Do you have an Appeals Process? Yes, please click here to go to our Courses Appeal documents.