Annual General Meeting

The CPSA 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 24th October 2020 commencing 14:00. This will now be a virtual/remote meeting from CPSA HQ due to Covid-19. Details how to take part will be available soon.

 Please let us know if you will be attending or not

Civica Election Services (CES) are administering voting for the Annual General Meeting on our behalf. If we have a valid email address for you then you’ll receive an email on or just after 21st September 2020* from CES ( to allow you to appoint a proxy and vote on resolutions. Otherwise you’ll receive a letter* in the post with security codes to allow you vote online at Voting closes at 17:30 on Wednesday 21st October 2020. You will not be able to cast your vote after this time. 

CPSA AGM 2020 - Agenda
AGM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Apologies for Absence
Ratify Minutes of 2019 AGM
Matters Arising from minutes
Chairman’s Report
Voting for Appointment of Auditor
Voting for Appointment of Honorary Officers: Hon Solicitor, Hon Shotgun Licensing Advisor, Hon Insurance Advisor
Review of 2019 and plans for 2020
Annual Report & Accounts 
Elections to the Board
Confirm Appointments of Auditor and Honorary positions.
Life Vice Present(s)
Close & Safe Journey Home


Number Resolution Notes
1 To receive the Annual Accounts Means to accept the accounts as a true and accurate record as audited by haysmacintyre. It does not mean you agree or disagree with, approve or disapprove of, all the income and expenditure figures quoted therein. Figures will be published in Pull! Magazine 
2 To re-appoint haysmacintyre as Auditors Means to re-appoint haysmacintyre as are our Auditors.
3 To re-appoint Laura Saunsbury as Hon. Solicitor Means to re-appoint Laura Saunsbury (Lewis Nedas Law) as our Hon. Solicitor. Laura was appointed the CPSA’s honorary solicitor and honorary shogun licensing advisor 11 years ago and has guided many of our members during this time through various situations requiring specialist shotgun legal advice. Laura is a regular contributor writing articles for Pull! magazine, and attends our AGM. Laura was awarded a Life Vice President membership of the CPSA at the 2019 AGM for 10 years service.
4 To re-appoint Laura Saunsbury as Hon. Shotgun Licensing Advisor Means to re-appoint Laura Saunsbury (Lewis Nedas Law) as our Hon. Shotgun Licensing Advisor. 
5 To re-appoint Martin Mansley as Hon. Insurance Advisor Means to re-appoint Martin Mansley (Romero Insurance) as our Hon. Insurance Advisor. Martin is the Romero Insurance Brokers, Director of Sports and Leisure and was first appointed as our honorary  insurance advisor at the March 2015 AGM, providing guidance to both head office and members for many insurance related topics and claims etc. During this time our insurances have been developed and enhanced for the benefit of us all. Martin and his team provide a first class responsive service.

*Example email / letter: 



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