CPSA Update on the re-opening of Clay Shooting Grounds Following the Easing of Restrictions


The following email was sent to all CPSA affiliated clubs and grounds and CPSA trade members, yesterday, 26 May, containing updated guidance on the reopening of grounds in light of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions easing:

Dear Clubs, Grounds, and Trade Members,

We are very pleased to see that many grounds have reopened now and that others are following suit in the next week or two.

Hopefully you will have read our comprehensive guidance to grounds to assist with your planning to implement the strict social distancing and safety measures to protect yourselves, your staff, the shooters and our sport. 

If not, please click here to go to our Shoot Safe, Stay Safe webpage to view the latest online documents.

There are a few points that we would like to stress as key elements to re-enforce:

  • Please ensure you have undertaken a risk assessment in order to fully comply with Government Guidance on outdoor sports activities.
  • Ensure you have adequate signage around the Ground giving clear instructions for all to follow.
  • Consider putting social distance markers on the shooting layouts to stop shooters bunching on stands.
  • We understand under current guidance squads can only be more than 2, if all shooters are from the same household, but to avoid confusion at grounds, we’d suggest you enforce a 2 person squad rule for all disciplines, with both shooters strictly adhering to the 2 metres social distancing requirements.
  • Restrict or refuse access to Clubhouse facilities if possible.

Please take the time to revisit the latest Government guidance updated 25th May, on the phased return of outdoor sports: Updated Guidance from 25th May 2020

Yours sincerely,
Richard Worthington