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Membership insurance cover:
(Summary of what you are entitled to receive as part of your CPSA membership)

yes £10 Million civil liability insurance cover for ALL shooting sports (except mounted hunting and subject to the policy document in force). Please click here for full list of the activities we cover.
yes £30,000 Personal Accident cover
yes £10 Million Professional Indemnity Insurance for Coaches, Instructors, Safety Officers, Referees, affiliated county and regional committee members and volunteers.
yes Legal expenses protection for shotgun certificate revocation and renewal issues (excluding colts and clubman) with effect from 1st April 2014.

Important documents for your reference:

Our Members Insurance leaflet Insurance leaflet
Members Insurance Product Information Document (EEA) PID EEA members  
Members Insurance Product Information Document (Non-EEA) PID Non-EEA members
Your insurance certificate (members only) Insurance certificate

Overview (Effective 1st September 2023):
The following provides essential information. Please read it very carefully.

The CPSA have appointed Romero Sports & Leisure to arrange specialist insurances to ensure that its members are properly insured. The insurance automatically provides protection to all individual current members of the CPSA, qualified coaches and instructors, safety officers and referees, regional and county officials, committee members and volunteers.

The insurance provides cover whilst members are participating in recognised and approved activities of the CPSA:
Clay Target Shooting, Game Shooting, Rough Shooting, Pest/Vermin Control, Wild Fowling, Rifle Shooting (including Stalking), Muzzle Loading (including Black Powder), Beating & Loading, Angling from Dry Land (including wading), Air Weapon Shooting (including FAC rated), Archery, Crossbow Shooting (inc FAC), the ownership, cleaning and maintenance of legally held firearms and ammunition

Personal liability (No upper age limit):

Policy Number UKG0042824LI23A

Provides cover for up to £10,000,000 for any one occurrence in respect of accidental bodily injury to third parties and / or damage to third party property arising from the negligence of a member whilst carrying out one of the recognised and approved activities. Cover includes legal costs incurred, with the prior consent of the insurer, in defence of any actions brought against a member.

The policy provides cover to all CPSA members regardless of age:
• Resident in the UK and Eire on a worldwide basis
• Overseas members whist shooting in the UK
• British Citizens domiciled in Europe for all recognised 
activities worldwide 
• British Citizens domiciled outside Europe for clay target 
shooting only

The policy automatically provides cover for CPSA qualified coaches and instructors, safety officers and referees.
No declaration is needed.

The following insurances for the period commencing 1st September 2023 and expiring on 31st August 2024 are underwritten by the following insurers;- Public Liability/Professional Indemnity - XL Catlin Insurance Company UK Limited. Personal Accident - Aviva Insurance Limited. The above insurers are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Personal accident (Up to 90 years old):

Policy number 100744136GPA

Membership of the CPSA automatically provides personal accident insurance for ages up to 90 (limited cover applies to members aged between 75 and 90) who suffer injury as the direct result of an accident occurring whilst they are  participating in an insured activity anywhere in the world. 

The key policy benefits are as follows:

Principal Exclusions:
1) Any claim caused by suicide, attempted suicide or any 
self-inflicted injury.
2) Bodily injury arising from any pre-existing defect, infirmity, medical 
condition or chronic or recurring ailment of which you were aware 
or could reasonably be expected to have been aware.
3) Bodily injury sustained while under the influence of or due wholly 
or partly or directly or indirectly to the taking of alcohol or drugs, 
other than drugs taken as directed and prescribed by a qualified 
registered medical practitioner.


In the event of a claim please contact Romero Insurance Limited as soon as possible on +44 (0)113 281 8110, by email, or by post to Romero House, 8 Airport West, Lancaster Way, Yeadon Leeds 
LS19 7ZA.

When making a claim please have the following information available:

1. CPSA Membership number
2. Date of incident
3. Location where incident took place
4. Details of any third parties involved
5. Details of any witnesses
6. Full details of the event that gave rise to the claim
7. Details of any medical practitioner consulted

Important Information:

Cover is applicable for the length of your membership
• This is a summary of the full cover provided. The full policy details are held by the CPSA and in the first instance specific queries regarding cover should be addressed to them.
• It is essential that you (or a representative of your club or ground where you shoot) report every incident that may give rise to a possible claim to the CPSA's insurance broker, Romero Sports & Leisure. In addition, an accident report record book should be maintained keeping accurate records of the date and time of any incident that occurs, along with details of any relevant circumstances and the full name and address of any parties involved including witnesses.
• Any letter, claim, writ, summons or process in connection with an incident (involving a member) must be forwarded immediately without reply to Romero Sports & Leisure
• It should be noted that it is a condition of the policy that under no circumstances should any offer or promise of payment be made by, or on behalf of, an insured person.

Additional Benefit for Competition Members:

Protection of your Shotgun Certificate and Legal Expenses

In addition to our standard insurance benefits, competition members (excluding Colts) are also eligible to access additional support for:

An appeal to the relevant police force or court, where the police revoke or refuse to renew Your Shotgun Certificate. 

Legal Costs reasonably incurred in: Defence Against Criminal Prosecution; Defence of your legal rights including defence, appeal, or defence of an appeal against judgement, conviction, or sentence in respect of any act or omission leading to criminal proceedings being brought against you as a result of participating in CPSA endorsed activities.
All claims will be fully reviewed and the CPSA reserves the right to refuse cover at its absolute discretion. Incidents will be subject to a formal review process and a limit of indemnity per incident and member. The Legal representation cover is provided by our retained specialist Solicitors Lewis Nedas. 

In the event that the court does not find in your favour and makes an order for you to pay court costs, or some or all of the legal costs of the opposing party, those costs may be covered by the CPSA. However, this will be entirely at the discretion of the CPSA, dependent upon the particular circumstances of each case, and is not guaranteed. 

To register a claim please complete the following online form in the first instance. If you do not have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone, then please contact CPSA HQ on 01483 485400 where a member of staff will assist you.


Professional Indemnity for our coaches, instructors, safety officers and referees
The policy also provides Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £10,000,000 for our qualified coaches, instructors, safety officers and referees in respect of negligent advice or instruction given. This is not subject to any declaration of income or limit on earnings.

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