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MyShoots® app will offer a further 10% discount on Premium Subscription “12 months for the price of 10” paid upfront until end 2024 for CPSA Organisations.

Before 8th May £150 upfront (per month £15) = CPSA = £135 for the year

From 9th May £200 upfront (per month £20) = CPSA = £180 for the year

MYSHOOTS® is a comprehensive platform for Shoot Organisations to easily organise, market & communicate their shoot events and enjoy promotions through exclusive partnerships with luxury brands

Implementing the right Event Management Software can enhance efficiency for event organisers and attendees, saving them time and ensuring precision in event planning and execution. This software solution contributes to cost efficiency for businesses by streamlining various processes, including event coordination, attendee registration, and resource allocation. Automation in tasks such as ticketing, scheduling, and participant engagement reduces labour costs, facilitates seamless order processing, and enhances inventory management for more organised and successful events.


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Phone Number : 07748 187330


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