Instructor Interest for CPSA Claylines 


1 Year ago

Instructor Interest for CPSA Claylines 

As we work towards next year's events and trying to be ahead of the curve as 2023 fast approaches, we would like to invite those qualified coaches that are interested to work alongside us at our Claylines. 

There is one form for the two shows, please be clear as to which one (or both) it is that you would like to be involved in:

  • The Northern Shooting Show - Yorkshire Event Centre - 6th - 7th May 2023
  • The Game Fair - Ragely Hall - 28th - 30th July 2023

We welcome newly qualified coaches, as well as coaches who have previously worked with us. Please read through the information below, should you be interested, and complete the form attached.

The Clayline: The ‘Have a Go’ stands offer those who attend the Fair the chance to try shooting for the first time to improve their shot, or even just to get some tips from you as our Instructors. The sessions themselves are a maximum of 10 minutes per person (depending on our queues) and are aimed to help the person hit the clays in the safest environment. Knowing you will be many people's first experience with the sport, as well as helping and encouraging those who have already done it before to continue, is a really great feeling.

About the Coaching: The days are busy, with a constant flow of people excited for their session. Although we are good at sticking to schedules, the days can be long and we cannot guarantee that the weather will be glorious! However, it is a brilliant opportunity to work with a fun team of fellow CPSA Coaches and Instructors as well as giving you the opportunity to hone your skills by working with such a wide range of abilities, the majority of whom have never picked up a gun before and would like to ‘Have a Go’.  

Our 'Have a Go's' are exactly what they say on the tin, we are there to let visitors have a go at clay shooting providing a safe and enjoyable experience. Time slots are 10 minutes for 10 shots, and our aim is to get as many clays broken for the client with their 10 shots. It is quick, fun and exhilarating, leaving them wanting more.

What's included: We offer a set rate of pay per day, for the days of the event only. This is £150 for all. This pay is a subsistence pay for the event, as staff and instructors work theses events to both practice their teaching skills, but also get as many people as possible having their first experience with target shooting. The CPSA makes no profit on these events. We do not cover any of your food or accommodation, but we will cover your fuel costs for travelling to the event on the 1st day and returning home at the end of the event. We pay a mileage rate of 0.45p per mile.

We do take all instructors who attend set-up out for a meal on the first night of the show.

We have sorted favourable rates at the hotels where HQ are staying at, and will of course give you access to these should you wish to join us.

Uniform and Kit: CPSA will provide the following uniform for you to use while working - a white polo top per day, a CPSA blue and orange vest, a CPSA cap.

Uniform consists of the above, plus you will need to wear navy trousers or shorts (must sit just above the knee and may be cargo style; no denim), and comfortable and sensible shoes. You will need to bring your own jumper and rain coat (dark colours preferable), spare plain white polo tops or shirts, and a spare cap.

Please bring with you your usual coaching kit, including PPE and any additional items you like to use. CPSA provide guns, cartridges and PPE for all visitors.

Please note the Polo shirts and CPSA vest must be returned at the end of the show for dry-cleaning

How do I apply?

To let us know your interest and availability by submitting the form below by Thursday 15th March 2023

Using the information you provide along with considering the size of the event, proximity you are to the venue, and experience, the CPSA and our Clayline Manager Simon Arbuckle will select the team for each event.

This form is NOT confirmation that you shall attend, please do not book anything at this time that you cannot cancel. 

You shall receive an email from Paula to confirm your invitation to work. This will be at the end of March. By registering your interest you agree to be able to commit to the weekend that you have selected, if chosen for the event. 


Please do not book anything you cannot cancel, as this form is only for an expression of interest. If you have been selected you will receive an email by the end of March.

You are expected to be in good health, and able to work standing up for up to 3 hours. Days are typically 8am to 6.30pm and you will be required to bend, kneel and move items with ease, freely and without pain. You must tell us if you have any injuries which might hinder your ability to complete these tasks to comply with our insurance.

In the meantime, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact  Paula Watkins at HQ on 01483 485407 or email