Dorset County Championship Dates


5 Years ago

This coming Sunday 15th July is our Dorset English Skeet 100 Registered County Championships at Brook Bank

Please note that we have had to change the dates of a couple of our Dorset CPSA County Championships so please find below the remaining 2018 fixtures.

Please also note that for the Single Barrel we need telephone entries to Ian Mulliner 01258 840848 prior to the event as we are limited to 4 squads having only one layout for DTL and Single Barrel.

Dorset County Championship Dates:

ESK 100 Target Reg
Entries 10:30 to 11:00
Sunday 15th July  
Brook Bank

S/B 100 Target Reg
Tel Entries
Saturday 11th August
Pilford CPC - 01258 840 848

ESP 50 Target Reg
Plus open Re-Entry
Entries 10:30 to 14:00
Saturday 8th September
Pilford CPC

FSP 100 Target Reg
Tel Entries
Sunday 9th September
Purbeck Shooting School – 01929 405101

STR 50 Target Reg
Plus Open Re-Entry
Entries 10:30 to Noon
Saturday 29th September
Pilford CPC      

Please note that all Pilford CPC fixtures are Fibre Wad Only and if you are a Pilford club member but not a CPSA Member you are still welcome to attend and shoot targets only.

Ian Mulliner

​Dorset CPSA