ICTSF DTL World Championships 2024

The CPSA is proud to announce that England and Bywell Shooting Ground will host the ICTSF World DTL Championships in 2024!

Watch this space for updates, news, and information about the event!

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The schedule of events will be: 

Saturday-Sunday 6-7 July Practice
Monday 8 July DTL Home International/ Bywell Challenge
Tuesday 9 July British Open DTL Championship
Wednesday 10 July European DTL & ICTSF World DTL Championship Opening Ceremony
Thursday-Saturday 11-13 July ICTSF World DTL Championship


The World DTL Championship is a 250-target competition with a 50-target final. 

Practice will be available at the ground from 6-7th July. 


Online bookings will open 8pm GMT on the 15th January at championships.cpsa.co.uk. The World DTL entry fee is £220 (£30 per person will go into the prize fund).

To enter the ICTSF World DTL you will be asked to select a preferred start time and a 2nd choice start time. Please pop preferred bank or peg in the comments box. If you wish to shoot with others please wherever possible book on together or pop your request in the comment box. Please note it will be squadded on a first come first served basis. Squadding will be released mid May.

 The competition rate for the Bywell Challenge, British Open, and European DTL is £65

To enter the Bywell Challenge, British Open or European DTL you can select your preferred squad and positions. Please note, however, that on the British Open and European DTL certain squads will be allocated to teams.

To view the rotation for each of the events please click on the links below:

Bywell Challenge

2024 British Open DTL - please check amended times

2024 European DTL

2024 ICTSF World DTL 


To view the squadding for the World DTL please click here


Visitor Information: 

Competitors coming from overseas will need to apply for a Visitor's Shotgun Permit in order to bring their own shotgun, more information is available here. Please note that it takes at least 12 weeks to process a Visitor's Shotgun Permit. If you are coming as part of a team, please contact vsp@cpsa.co.uk to do a group application. 

Find more information on Bywell at their website, here.

Please read the below information from Bywell Shooting Ground about their offerings during and around the event:

Pre-booking cartridges

As the World championships approach we would like to offer you top quality cartridges from the World renowned manufacturers of Eley, Hull and Gamebore.  They all make a wide and diverse range of cartridges to cater for the demands of the shooter but they all share one thing in common…. A passion to produce their own specialist DTL cartridge.  Here are our top picks from each manufacturer.   


Eley DTL Gold – Speed 1350 fps, Antimony 5%

 Eley have been proud of their range and introduced this load a few years ago.  The Gold in the name is to achieve just that.  The focus on this cartridge is ultimate comfort in shooting so using the highest quality powders to have minimal recoil with devastating performance.  The cartridge comes in 28 gram in 7.5 and 8 shot

VIP Trap – Speed 1400 fps, Antimony 5%

Superb – Speed 1350 fps, 5% Antimony


Hull DTL 300 – Speed 1400fps, 5% Antimony

 As the name suggests this is a tool for giving you the best chance of achieving that perfect 300 score.  The cartridge uses special blends of powder to create a very smooth shooting cartridge, really giving you the advantage for the second barrel, if indeed you ever need it.  The components used are of top quality to give you the ultimate consistency.  Available in 28 gram in 7.5 and 8 shot

Sovereign – Speed 1500 fps, 5% Antimony

Pro One – Speed 1450 fps, 5% Antimony


Gamebore DTL Elite – Speed 1425 fps, Diamond polished shot

Gamebore are usually known for crisp shooting cartridges, but this one really stands out from the crowd.  They have lowered the recoil considerably but still retained the super hard knock down power required to break those edge on and distant DTL clays.  The striking orange case makes it un-mistakable at distance.  Available in 28 gram in 7.5 and 8 shot.   

Dark Storm Speed 1550 fps, Diamond polished shot

Rose Gold - Speed 1420 fps, Diamond polished shot

Cartridges for the World Championships can be pre-ordered through our website, guaranteeing you have your shell of choice for one of the most important shoots. Last orders will be 19th June 2024. Steps are as below…..

Steps to order cartridges from our website.

  1. Go to “Cartridges & Ammunition
  2. Browse and find your particular type of cartridge
  3. Add required quantity of cartridges to basket.  Note the quantity is in boxes of 25 and has a minimum order quantity of 10 (250 cartridges)
  4. Go to the checkout
  5. Place personal details including name, contact details and address at the checkout.  This says shipping address but this is for reference and will not apply as cartridges are collection only.
  6.  The only selection for shipping will be “World Championship Cartridge –  ** Collection Only **”
  7. Complete transaction and receive order confirmation. 

Shotgun Storage

Gun storage will be available throughout the week at a charge £25.00 from 6th July - 13th July or £5.00 per day. We would prefer guns to be stored in hard travel cases rather than gun slips. A gun cleaning area will be made available for competitors own. For storage outside these dates please contact gunroom@bywellshootingground.co.uk


Caravan/ Motorhome/ Tent pitches at Bywell Shooting Ground

If you wish to stay at Bywell Shooting Ground with a caravan, motorhome or tent during the World DTL Championship there will be approximately 26 pitches available. These are pre-booked by contacting jane@bywellshootingground.co.uk

The pitches will be numbered and you will receive your allocated space on arrival at the ground. No arrivals before 5st July 2024 and departure by 14th July 2024. If you wish to stay next to anyone in particular a multiple booking can be made.

The pitches will be on grass and without electric hook up, communal water point and chemical waste disposal facilities will be available. 

Pitch sizes Caravan/motorhomes 7m x 7m, tents 5m x 5m. There may be some slippage for length but unfortunately not for width.  

There are caravan sites nearby that will take tourers, our nearest and recommended would be Forget-Me-Not Country Park which is 5 miles from the ground. See link



Layout Format

Squad times and numbers will be issued by the CPSA.

There are up to 16 DTL layouts at Bywell Shooting Ground lettered A – P. Layout A is at the western end of the ground and P to the east.

They will be running in up to 4 Banks of 4 layouts –

Bank 1 A-D layouts                   Bank 2 E-H layouts

Bank 3 I-L layouts                     Bank 4 M-P layouts

Each day/competition is shot over 100 targets, in 4 lines of 25 targets, shooting all 4 layouts of one the banks. (with exception of the final day of the Worlds)


Practice times

  • Saturday 6th July – 10am – 5pm – Selected layouts.
  • Sunday 7th July – 11am – 4pm – Full 16 layouts.  


100 DTL CPSA registered competitions – 2024

6th – 8th June DTL Weekend, Sponsors day, Dougall Memorial & English Open

Please see our website Link to Bywell Events for a full list of competitions.


Tourist information

Please see links to websites for tourist information



Accommodation in the area is already filling up fast, please see link to our website for a list of accommodation that we recommend.  https://www.bywellshootingground.co.uk/links-page.html


Our postcode is NE65 9QQ it may be worth Google mapping the distance from your accommodation before booking. 

Our nearest towns are;

Morpeth - 10 miles - town                           Alnwick - 11 miles - town

Ashington - 14 miles - urban town              Rothbury - 16 miles - rural town

Newcastle - 24 miles - City


Phone - 01670 787827

Premier Plus rated shooting Ground

Gun Shop with over 450 guns in stock - Clothing & Accessories Store

Established since 1980


Map to Bywell: