During the shooting season we hold nine major championships every year split across five different disciplines. On top of this we hold the World English Sporting every other year, on rotation with our friends at the NSCA in America who are hosting it in 2019. 

The major championships are open to any full CPSA member, which offers the unique opportunity for novices to shoot in competitions alongside seasoned pros and Olympic champions.

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New shooters are always welcome to shoot at any of our major championships and we actively encourage shooters of all backgrounds to take part in these celebratory events.


2018 Major Winners

English Sporting World  Richard Bunning
  British Open Richard Faulds
  English Open Richard Bunning
English Skeet British Open David Morgan
  English Open  David Morgan
Down The Line Dougall Memorial Peter Relph
  English Open Daniel Price
  Sponsored DTL Austin Coxhead
Automatic Ball Trap English Open Ed Ling
Sportrap British Open Paul Foster


2019 Major Winners

English Sporting World  N/A
  British Open N/A
  English Open Mark Winser
English Skeet British Open N/A
  English Open  Neil Parsons
Down The Line Dougall Memorial N/A
  English Open N/A
  Sponsored DTL N/A
Automatic Ball Trap English Open N/A
Sportrap British Open N/A