Trap Development Initiative

Trap Development Initiative

The CPSA, in their endeavour to protect the future of the sport, along with a generous donation from Paul Chapman of HornbyChapman, have developed a dedicated Trap Shooting Initiative programme to support two younger CPSA members.

At the start of 2020, the CPSA created the Colts Initiative focused on English Sporting with the aim to measure the success of the year, and to grow the programme, as well as to branch out to different disciplines.  

We launched the Colts Initiative at the start of 2021. Now this new initiative, thanks to Paul's involvement, having had a successful shooting career in his youth representing GB on the Olympic Trap Junior Team, will focus on two of the fast-trap disciplines:  Automatic Ball Trap and Olympic Trap.

Through this Initiative, we hope to help up-and-coming colts and juniors to have access to support and guidance as they develop and progress through the rankings, competing at county and regional level and possibly through to an England cap for ABT or OT.

Sponsorship Package

Thanks to HornbyChapman, Fiocchi, Solware, Eastern Sporting and a selection of coaches and grounds, the selected participants will receive a package including:

  • CPSA membership for a year
  • Complementary entries to the CPSA English Open ABT, British Open ABT and the English Open OT Championships
  • Bonus prize money if placed Top 3 at any of the above events.
  • An allowance of up to £500 to expense on competitions
  • A Fiocchi skeet vest to train and compete in, plus cap and polo shirts.
  • 250 Fiocchi Cartridges per month, for 10 months
  • Provision of shooting accessories from Solware including hearing protection and a gun cleaning kit.
  • 2 Masterclass Days throughout the summer with top ABT and OT coaches
  • 2 sessions with the Marksman Training System at Eastern Sporting (one at the beginning and end of Initiative to track progress)
The Application Process

This Initiative is open to any CPSA member who is aged 20 or under on the 1st March 2021, who shoots ABT and/or OT, and would like to apply for consideration. 

  1. First round: Application form submitted to express interest including personal biography, shooting CV and general questions
  2. Second round: Invited for a short informal interview with the prospective participant to discuss their shooting goals and expectations of the initiative. [online, telephone or in-person options]
  3. CPSA Selection panel will then feedback and contact those successful at the second phase interview and will invite them to join the initiative as a Young Trap Team Member.

Online form available at:    Deadline for application submission is Wednesday 12th May, at midday.

Decision Criteria

Using the submitted applications and with assistance from CPSA ranking reports, scores, attendance and recognised good character from their fellow members, applicants will be invited for interview.

This year, one male and one female participant will be invited to take part.

Expectations upon joining

Youngsters must show a consistent commitment to the development programme:

  1. Promoting shooting as a fun and inclusive sport.
  2. Maintain constant sportsmanship at all events, as a representation of the brands now sponsoring them.
  3. Continue to endeavour to progress both on and off the stands, maintaining their scores and their academic/work effort.
  4. Fulfil marketing criteria including social media posts, blog and article writing, CPSA interviews.
  5. Maintain relationships with the brands associated with the programme, and fellow programme participants
2021 Participants

Congratulations to the following young shot who have been selected to take part in the 2021 programme:

Hermione Burns and Mathew Paley

“I am looking forward to working with the CPSA and other brands to help encourage other people get into the sport. I am excited to representing the CPSA at all the major ABT and OT comps this year and carry on progressing on my own shooting at the same time” – Hermione


Mathew commented “I am so excited to have been chosen for this initiative, and very thankful, it will really help me promote my shooting skills and talents and help take me to the next level.”