English Open Super Sporting Results - 2024


Congratulations to  Mark Winser on winning overall High Gun at the inaugural English Open Super Sporting Championships 2024. 

Congratulations also to all the Class & Category winners listed below.

Huge thanks to Huw, Josh and the team at Barbury for hosting this inaugural event.

Position Name Mem No Score S/O Sponsorship Prizes   
High Gun Mark Winser EE99970 98   Active8 Headset, B&P Cartridges, Rizzini Gun
Runner Up Bleddyn Lewis WW1561 97 Countback Swatcom SC20, B&P Cartridges
Third Place Sam Green EE105770 97   Swatcom SC20, B&P Cartridges
Top Class AAA Andy Moon EE38554 96 9    
AAA Runner Up John Newman EE103026 96      
AAA Third James Bradley- Day EE127052 96 Countback     
Top Class AA Max Tarr EE114154 96 8    
AA Runner Up Sean Gamblen EE115804 96 6    
AA Third Bryce Blandford-Corp EE128752 94      
Top Class A  Joshua Millar EE141988 95      
A Runner Up Joshua Poyser EE138501 93 Default    
A Third Callum Noble EE142293 93 Countback     
Top Class B Mark Lyes EE131025 90 9    
B Runner Up George Pearce EE145578 90 5    
B Third Liam Hall EE144909 88      
Top Class C Alix Gregory EE142614 90      
C Runner Up Matthew Armett EE136704 82      
C Third Robert Butler EE107122 81      
Lady High Gun Alix Gregory EE142614 90   Swatcom Voucher, B&P Cartridges
Lady Runner Up Georgia Moule EE20297 90   B&P Cartridges  
Lady Third Emma Stacey EE125027 88 Default B&P Cartridges  
Junior High Gun William Page EE138030 95   Swatcom Voucher, B&P Cartridges
Junior Runner Up Joshua Poyser EE138501 93   B&P Cartridges  
Junior Third Harry Dickens EE137206 92   B&P Cartridges  
Veteran High Gun Andy Moon EE38554 96   Swatcom Voucher, B&P Cartridges
Veteran Runner Up Shaun Stacey EE63158 94   B&P Cartridges  
Veteran Third Richard King EE24962 93 Default B&P Cartridges  
Super Veteran High Gun  Steve Brightwell EE19160 94   Swatcom Voucher, B&P Cartridges
Super Veteran Runner Up Robert Palmer EE27697 89 Default B&P Cartridges  
Super Veteran Third  Nigel Kent EE81785 89   B&P Cartridges  
Colt High Gun John Porter EE135399 93   Swatcom Voucher, B&P Cartridges
Colt Runner Up Benjamin Jordan EE144586 89   B&P Cartridges  
Colt Third Aaron Christie EE144995 84   B&P Cartridges  
Disabled Sitting Daniel Parker EE145434 81   B&P Cartridges  
Disabled Sitting Runner Up Not Contested          
 Disabled Sitting Third Not Contested          
Disabled Standing Michael Neate EE21303 88   B&P Cartridges  
 Runner Up Not Contested          
 Third Not Contested          

Our thanks to our fantastic sponsors: Baschieri & Pellagri, RizziniBrowning, EleySWATCOM, Le Chameau, Schoffel, and Teague Precision Chokes.

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