English Open DTL 2024 - Results


A beautiful sunny start to the last day of the DTL Weekend and the English Open. Today we welcome the Teams who will be competing  Regionally in Seniors, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans. It was certainly very blustery throughout the day so it was going to be interesting to see what scores would come in. 

Huge congratulations to Nick Haley on winning overall High Gun at the English Open DTL, 2024 with a great score of  100/299.  Nick got his score in during the morning  wave so it was an anxious wait to see if anyone was going to either match of beat that.  Big congratulations to all the class, category and team winners listed below and a big thank you to the team at Bywell Shooting ground for hosting this annual 3 day event and we look forward to seeing you all when we return in 4 weeks time for the Worlds!

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  Name CPSA No Score ex100  S/O Score  Sponsored Prize   
High Gun Nick Haley EE126253 100/299   £300 Swatcom Voucher + 500 Eley Cartridges  
Runner Up Kevan Smith SS3656 100/293   250 Eley Cartridges  
Third Place Shaun Gardener EE100330 99/292   250 Eley Cartridges  
AA Class High Gun  Iwan Mills WW2790 98/291      
A Class High Gun  Philip Mills WW1544 96/287      
B Class High Gun  Gareth lloyd WW277 97/276      
C Class High Gun  Robert Flatli NW1552634 92/271      
Ladies High Gun  Emma Holden-Hardy EE7226 97/286   £300 Swatcom Voucher + 250 Eley Cartridges  
2nd Olivia Stevens EE144618 98/282   250 Eley Cartridges  
3rd Jennifer O'Neill SS6426 91/269   250 Eley Cartridges  
Junior High Gun  Iwan Mills WW2790     £300 Swatcom Voucher + 250 Eley Cartridges  
2nd Hamish Munro SS5553 97/289   250 Eley Cartridges  
3rd Olivia Stevens EE144618 98/282   250 Eley Cartridges  
Veteran High Gun  Kevan Smith SS3656 100/293   £300 Swatcom Voucher + 250 Eley Cartridges  
2nd Shaun Gardener E100330 99/292   250 Eley Cartridges  
3rd Philip Morgan WW376 99/289   250 Eley Cartridges  
Super Veteran High Gun  Allan Henry EE4336 100/289   £300 Swatcom Voucher + 250 Eley Cartridges  
2nd David Priestman EE122880 95/282   250 Eley Cartridges  
3rd John Laverick EE118988 94/280   250 Eley Cartridges  
Colt High Gun  Craig McKeown NI330UU 92/266   £300 Swatcom Voucher + 250 Eley Cartridges  
2nd Cameron MacKay SS6781 91/263   250 Eley Cartridges  
3rd George Dilley EE145674 85/244   250 Eley Cartridges  
Disabled Standing High Gun  Mark Delf EE132851 98/288      
2nd Stuart Dawson EE89815 86/252      
3rd Geoff Nutter EE88429 86/249      
Disabled Sitting High Gun Lorrie Greening  EE137724 264      
2nd Shaun Gibson EE94177 251      
3rd Paul Garnsworthy EE148729 243      
Parent & Child Iwan & Philip Mills 578      
Grandparent Shaun Gardener EE100330 99/292      
Womble Paul and Michael Turner 567      
  Paul Chaplow, Curtis Woolley, Marty Smith, Emma Holden-Hardy, Paul Turner
Five Man Team Team Hull    1419      
  Mark Shaw, Marty Smith, Lee Wilcosxon, Mark Joyce, Stuart Whitehead  
  Paul Neal, Curtis Woolley, Geoff Howlett, Paul Meakin, Steven Janes,   
IR SNR East Midlands   1402      
  Olivia Stevens, Saira Boardman, Georgina Chamberlain     
IR LDY East Midlands   540      
  Cory Doble, Lewis Dalton        
IR JNR North Region   543      
  Allan Henry, Ian Biggins, Adrian Wragg      
IR VET North Region   564      
Highest Cumbrian Tom Robinson EE90911 94/278      
High Gun (3 Days) Shaun Gardener EE100330 876/900      
High Gun (2 Days) Nick Haley EE126253   25/74    
Vet High Gun (2 Days) Kevan Smith SS3656 583/600      
North vs South North    20,895