EO OSK Results


EO OSK Results

Barely four weeks after hosting the very successful English open Sporting, Doveridge was the venue for the English Open Olympics Skeet and Final England team Selection Shoot on the first and second of June.

With this being the final selection of three, with two out of 3 to count towards an England place, the turnout was slightly lower than would otherwise be expected with 29 competitors taking part. However, this proved no detriment to the quality of shooting and the closeness of scores at the end of the event. In conformance to ISSF specifications the competition comprised 125 targets over two days. Two days in which the weather turned out to be autumnal on the first day and tropical on the second.

At the end, only one target separated the top three Shooters with Dominic Cooper taking High Gun on a score of 120 having shot 25 straight on his last round on Saturday and 25 straight on his first round on Sunday. Aaron Eccleston was runner up on a score of 119 with Ben Cookson coming overall third on 118. Ben however had the consolation of winning the junior High Gun trophy, five Clays ahead of Owen Lewis on 113 with Denzil Grose coming third on 111.

Ladies high Gun was taken by Bethany Norton on a score of 110 with Annabelle Lane and Sophie Langton entering a shoot off for second and third place having both shot 99. Annabel was victorious after the shoot off and Runner-up ladies high Gun with Sophie taking third place.

As with the High Gun overall, only one clay separated the three highest Veterans with. Lee Bowditch, swapping his DSLR Camera for a custom painted browning GTi took Veterans High Gun on a score of 103 with Phillip Musson taking the runner-up Medal on 102 with Regan Leavers coming third with 101.

A class High Gun was taken by Luke Young on a score of 117.  B class High Gun went to, the Junior runner up, Owen Lewis on 113. C class was won by Toby Etheridge on 111 with D class high Gun being awarded to Corinne Davis-Cooke.

Thanks to Clive and the staff at Doveridge for once again providing us with everything required for a successful and enjoyable championship.


Dr John Martin

CPSA Chairman