Dougall Memorial Results 2024


The second day of the DTL Weekend, The Dougall Memorial got off to a grey and blustery start and with gusts expected throughout the day it was going to be interesting to see how the weather was going to affect the scores.  Darren Murray from Scotland put in an early best score of 99/294 but this was swiftly beaten by Daniel Beedan with a great score of 100/298 - Daniel probably wondering if this would be enough to take the coveted High Gun prize. It was so congratulations to Daniel on winning overall High Gun at the prestigious Dougall Memorial 2024. Congratulations to all the class & category winners listed below.

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Name CPSA No. Score  S/O Score  Sponsored Prize
High Gun  Daniel Beedan EE90263 100/298   £300 Swatcom Voucher + 500 Eley Cartridges
Runner Up Richard Greenlaw SS4436 99/294 72 250 Eley Cartridges
Third Place Darren Murrey SS4329 99/294 71 250 Eley Cartridges
AA Class High Gun Jim Doherty II370DD 99/293 75  
A Class High Gun Stephen Petch EE136548 98/291    
B Class High Gun George Madden EE135965 95/280 Default  
C Class High Gun James Milne EE141804 95/279    
Ladies High Gun Emma Holden-Hardy EE7226 97/285   250 Eley Cartridges
2nd Gail Barclay SS6202 95/280   250 Eley Cartridges
3rd Jennifer O'Neill SS6426 96/278   250 Eley Cartridges
Junior High Gun Edward Armett EE142941 97/291   250 Eley Cartridges
2nd Hamish Munro SS5553 98/289   250 Eley Cartridges
3rd Cory Doble EE134655 97/286   250 Eley Cartridges
Veteran High Gun Richard Greenlaw SS4436 100/294   250 Eley Cartridges
2nd Ian Mullarkey EE71316 98/292 74 250 Eley Cartridges
3rd Ronald Sloan NI105FF 99/292 60 250 Eley Cartridges
Super Veteran High Gun Ian Biggins EE110007 98/288   250 Eley Cartridges
2nd Anthony Dore EE31935 97/285   250 Eley Cartridges
3rd John Barnett EE6247 97/284   250 Eley Cartridges
Colt High Gun Cameron Mackay SS6781 91/268   250 Eley Cartridges
2nd Craig McKeown NI330UU 88/256   250 Eley Cartridges
3rd George Dilley EE145674 86/240   250 Eley Cartridges
Disabled Standing HG Mark Delf EE132851 98/288    
2nd Stuart Dawson EE89815 95/281    
3rd Geoff Nutter EE88429 95/275    
Disabled Sitting HG Lorrie Greening EE137724 91/265    
2nd Paul Garnsworthy EE148729 89/255    
  Curtis Woolley, Paul Chaplow, Marty Smith, Emma Holden-Hardy, Paul Turner  
Five Man Team Hull        
  Steven Janes & Robert Dietz      
Two Man MJ Sporting   578