2024 English Open Double Rise


Congratulations to Paul Chaplow on winning overall High Gun at the English Open Double Rise Championships with a score of 91 ex100.

Congratulations also to all class and category winners listed below

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Position Name  CPSA No.  Score  S/O Result
High Gun  Paul Chaplow EE300 91  
Runner Up Keith Blaney EE145297 86 26
Third Place Kevan Smith SS3656 86 23
AA Class High Gun Curtis Woolley EE111369 84 25
A Class High Gun Kevan Smith SS3656 86  
B Class High Gun Keith Blaney EE145297 86  
C Class High Gun Andrew Milroy EE147396 71  
Ladies High Gun Jennifer O'Neill SS6426 70  
Ladies Runner Up Sarah Milroy EE132049 63  
Ladies 3rd Place Emma Holden-Hardy EE7226 61  
Junior High Gun  Cory Doble EE134655 81  
Junior Runner Up Hamish Munro SS5553 76  
Junior Third Place Toby Hurstfield EE29411 73  
Veteran High Gun Kevan Smith SS3656 86  
Veteran Runner Up Anthony Dore EE31935 83  
Veteran Third Place David Priestman EE122880 79 Default
Colt High Gun Craig McKeown NI330UU 60  
Colt Runner Up Not Contested      
Colt Third Place Not Contested      
Disabled Sitting High Gun Lorrie Greening EE137724 47  
Disabled Standing High Gun  Mark Delf EE132851 84