2023 English Open DTL - Results


The third day of the DTL weekend  - The English Open.  With a cooler start and the sun set to make an appearance, the shooters were keen to get started.

Jim Doherty started the ball rolling by putting in an early perfect score of 100/300.  His lead didnt last too long with a further 5 perfect scores coming throughout the day. Great shooting by Chris Moule, Alex Harris, Darren Bell and Andrew Cameron and Michael Turner.  

After an intense shoot off, Congratulations go to Andrew Cameron who won Overall High Gun of the English Open prestigious trophy.  Congratulations to all the winners today.

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  Name Membership No  Score  Shoot Off Score      
High Gun Andrew Cameron AU100803 100/300 25/75 + 25/75      
Runner Up Darren Bell NI162CC 100/300 25/75 + 25/74      
Third Place Chris Moule EE43566 100/300 24/74        
1st Michael Turner EE109672 100/300 24/72        
1st Nick Haley  EE118908 100/299 25/73        
1st Keith Blaney  EE145927 99/295          
1st Gordon Greening  EE100552 99/296          
1st Emma Holden Hardy EE7226 99/294 25/73        
2nd Lucy Hall EE104600 100/294 23/69        
3rd Ellie Whitehead EE140816 97/289          
1st Cody Brady NI282QQ 100/296          
2nd Cory Doble  EE134655 99/294 25/74        
3rd Lucy Hall EE10460 100/294 23/69        
1st Andrew Cameron  AU100803 100/300 25/75        
2nd Chris Moule EE43566 100/300 25/74        
3rd John Laverick EE118908 100/299          
Super Veteran                 
1st Richard Chapple EE668 100/297          
2nd Gordon Greening  EE100552 99/296          
3rd Anthony Dore EE31935 99/295          
1st Joe Turner EE139613 99/293          
2nd Cameron MacKay SS6781 97/282          
3rd Craig McKeown NI330U 95/278          
Disabled Standing                
1st Geoff Nutter EE88429 292          
2nd Stephen Kirby  EE95341 289          
3rd Stuart Dawson  EE89815 285          
Disabled Sitting                
1st Lorriane Greening EE137724 286          
Parent & Child Marcus and Hamish Munro  583          
Grandparent Chris Moule EE43566 300          
Womble Alex and Connor Harris  597          
  Robert Dietz, David Sleeman, Barny Jackson, Chris Smyth, Simon Ede  
Five Man Team The Wombles   1467          
   Stuart Whitehead, Paul Neal, Marty Smith, Lee Wilcoxson, Paul Meakin, Mark Shaw
  Curtis Woolley, Geoff Howlett, Connor Harris, Steven Janes    
IR SNR East Midlands   1485          
  Emma Holden Hardy, Charlotte Kitchen, Caroline Whitehead    
IR LDY North Region    574          
  Cory Doble, Ellie Whitehead,             
IR JNR North Region    583          
  Richard Chapple, Anthony Dore, Gerald Sweet,         
IR VET South West    592          
Highest Cumbrian Paul Cannon  EE9386 100/297          
High Gun (3 Days) Jim Doherty II370D 896          
High Gun (2 Days) Jim Doherty II370D 599          
Vet High Gun (2 Days) Andrew Cameron  AU100803 596          
North vs South North    48,182