Dougall Memorial Results 2023


Day two of the Down The Line weekend - the Dougall Memorial.  The shooters were welcomed by blue skies, sunshine and a mild breeze so the scene was set for a great days shooting.

By lunchtime we already knew that we were facing shoot offs as both Chris Smyth and  Robert Dietz put in a perfect score of 100/300.  The high scores continued to come in throughout the day and the sunshine was making everyone smile.

Congratulations to   Robert Dietz for taking the Overall High Gun of the prestigious trophy and to everyone else who enjoyed the day and put in some great scores.

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  Name CPSA No Score Shoot Off    
High Gun Robert Dietz EE125714 100/300 25/75    
Runner Up Tony Dore  EE31935 100/300 25/74    
Third Place Chris Smyth EE35610 100/300 24/69    
1st Paul Chaplow EE300 100/299 25/74 +25/75    
1st David Sleeman EE103314 100/297      
1st Christopher Jones EE102001 100/299      
1st Darren Crain EE145382 98/289      
1st Emma Holden Hardy EE7226 98/293      
2nd Lucy Hall EE10460 99/290      
3rd Caroline Whitehead EE130306 97/288      
1st Cory Doble EE134655 100/298      
2nd Edward Armett EE142941 98/294      
3rd Iwan Mills WW2790 98/293      
1st Edd Furber EE26175 100/298      
2nd Andrew Cameron  AU100803 100/296 Default    
3rd Tony Common EE10430 100/296      
Super Veteran             
1st  Anthony Dore EE31935 100/300      
2nd David Baugh  WW375 100/298      
3rd Allan Henry EE4336 100/297      
1st Joe Turner EE139613 97/285      
2nd Cameron MacKay SS6781 96/280      
3rd Craig McKeown NI330U 91/257      
Disabled Standing            
1st Geoffrey Nutter EE88429 97/286      
2nd Craig Bebbington EE115567 96/285 24/70    
3rd Stephen Kirby EE95341 98/285 23/67    
Disabled Sitting            
1st Lorriane Greening  EE137724 96/284      
Five Man Team Hull   1474      
  Paul Chaplow, Paul Turner, Curtis Woolley, Emma Holden Hardy, Marty Smith 
Two Man Team Turner          
  Paul Turner, Michael Turner   594