Sponsored DTL Results 2023


The first day of the DTL weekend saw 300 shooters competing on the Sponsored Day.  The day started a little grey but as time went on the sun tried hard to come out and the breeze was forever present.  Tony Common took an early lead with a score of 99/296 but this did not last long with Cody Brady, a junior putting in a 100/298 after lunch.

With all scores now in, congratulations go to  Daniel Price  for taking the Overall High gun of the day with a score of 99/300.   Congratulations to all shooters who achieved great results today, after some exciting shoot offs.  Looking forward to the Dougall Memorial tomorrow, with hopefully more sunshine and more great shooting. 

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  Name CPSA No Score Shoot Off
High Gun Daniel Price  EE133087 99/300  
Runner Up Andrew Hetherington SS695 100/298 25/74
Third Cody Brady NI282QQ 100/298 24/72
1st Jim Doherty II370D 99/297 25/75
1st Enoch McCauley NI337C 100/298 24/71
1st Richard Chambers NI143VV 99/294  
1st Cameron MacKay SS6781 98/281  
1st Emma Holden Hardy EE7226 99/296  
2nd Charlotte Kitchen EE118936 97/285  
3rd Bernadette Quinn II6726 95/282 25/74
1st Cody Brady NI282QQ 100/298  
2nd Roan Quinn II11525 100/296  
3rd Edward Armett EE142941 99/294  
1st Enoch McCauley NI337C 100/298  
2nd Edd Furber EE26175 100/297  
3rd Tony Common EE100430 99/296 countback
1st Joe Turner EE139613 98/287  
2nd Cameron MacKay SS6781 98/281  
3rd Leo Johnston  NI123VV 77/225  
Super Veteran         
1st Mike Hartley EE118693 99/296  
2nd Tony Dore EE31935 98/292 25/75
3rd Allan Henry EE4336 98/292 25/74