2023 English Open Sportrap Results


Congratulations to Martin Myers for winning the 2023 English Open Sportrap and to all winners below:


Other Scores

Position Name CPSA Number Cartridges Prize Score ex 150 shoot off
High Gun Martin Myers EE88811 500 £500 Schoffel/ Le Chameau Voucher 145  
Runner Up Nathan Skinner EE118830 250 £250 Schoffel/ Le Chameau Voucher 144 11
Third Overall Shaun Stacey EE63158 250 £150 Schoffel/ Le Chameau Voucher 144 10
AAA Class High Gun Richard Faulds EE187     142 10
AA Class High Gun Sean Gamblen EE115804     141  
A Class High Gun Catherine Smalley EE141352     142  
B Class High Gun Callum Noble EE142293     135  
C Class High Gun Dylan Laing EE143815     128  
Ladies High Gun Catherine Smalley EE141352   Swatcom Headset 142  
Ladies 2nd Nadine Gilder EE112108 250   134  
Ladies 3rd Hannah Gibson EE108958 250   133  
Junior High Gun William Page EE138030   Swatcom Headset 138  
Junior 2nd Daniel King EE135536 250   137  
Junior 3rd Kallum Burrell EE139976 250   134  
Veterans High Gun Shaun Stacey EE63158   Swatcom Headset 144  
Veterans 2nd Nicholas Portlock EE100978 250   140  
Veterans 3rd Richard King EE24962 250   139 by countback
Colt High Gun Charlie Faulds EE131007   Swatcom Headset 129  
Colts 2nd Aaron Christie EE144995 250   124  
Colts 3rd Benjamin Rivers EE146449 250   115 by default
Super Veterans High Gun Steve  Brightwell EE19160   Swatcom Headset 134  
Super Veterans 2nd Jeffrey Dix EE85315 250   129  
Super Veterans 3rd John Bidwell EE5719 250   126  
Disabled Standing HG Michael  Neate EE21303     136  
Disabled Standing 2nd Ray Sheppard EE140643     107  
Disabled Standing 3rd Simon Tynan EE120688     97