English Open Sporting 2023 Results


Congratulations to Richard Faulds on taking High Gun at the English Open Sporting 2023.

Position Name Membership Number Score S/O Score    
High Gun Richard Faulds EE187 115      
Runner Up James Attwood EE107759 113 8    
Third Overall Nick Portlock  EE100978 113 7    
AAA Class High Gun Phil Gray EE103289 113 6    
AAA Class 2nd Phil Thorrold EE61189 113 5    
AAA Class 3rd James Bradley-Day EE127052 112      
AA Class High Gun John Porter EE135399 108 Default    
AA Class 2nd Luke Mortimer EE141168 108 Countback    
AA Class 3rd David Marshall EE145994 108 Countback     
A Class High Gun Brian Dunbavin EE84275 105      
A Class 2nd Joshua Millar EE141988 104      
A Class 3rd Wayne Parker EE139534 103 7    
B Class High Gun Maximus Allen EE142793 102      
B Class 2nd Robert Calton EE22428 99 6    
B Class 3rd  Peter Foster EE67600 99 4    
C Class High Gun Liam Hall EE144909 93      
C Class 2nd Andrew Nicholls EE131157 91      
C Class 3rd Roger Halls EE146444 90 Default    
Ladies High Gun Charlotte Kerwood EE98398 100 7    
Ladies 2nd Emma Stacey EE125027 100 6    
Ladies 3rd Amy Easeman EE124370 99      
Junior High Gun Jacob O'Loughlin WW2817 110      
Junior 2nd William Page EE138030 108      
Junior 3rd Robert Kingston EE135960 106      
Lady Junior High Gun Lucy Earl EE141076 97      
Ladies 2nd Annalise Evans EE137821 87      
Ladies 3rd Lucy Christie EE143253 85      
Veterans High Gun Nick Portlock EE100978 113 7    
Veterans 2nd Philip Thorrold EE61189 113 5    
Veterans 3rd Andy Moon EE38554 111      
Super Veterans High  Steve Brightwell EE19160 109      
Super Veterans 2nd Brian Dunbavin EE84275 105      
Super Veterans 3rd  Chris Smith EE103091 104      
Colt High Gun John Porter EE135399 108      
Colts 2nd Maximus Allen EE142793 102      
Colts 3rd Cameron Bryan EE141608 97 Default    
Lady Colt High Gun Emily Chumbley EE141843 73      
Lady Colt 2nd Fern Lancaster EE142682 72      
Lady Colt 3rd Aime Addison EE144794 67      
Disabled Standing HG Lee Clements EE119315 89      
Disabled Standing 2nd Stephen Kirby EE95341 81      
Disabled Standing 3rd Simon Tynan EE120688 66      
Disabled Sitting HG Paul Bailey  EE96892 85      
Disabled Sitting 2nd Daniel Parker EE145434 78      
Disabled Sitting 3rd Craig Manning EE144363 71      
Parent & Child Robert & Maximus Allen   208 ex 240       
Side By Side Simon Reinhold EE145328 101 5    
Thank you to everyone that competed.