2022 English Open DTL


Congratulations to Rob Hall for taking High Gun at the English Open DTL.  

For a full list of results, please click here .  For a full list of Team Results, please click Here 

Name CPSA No Score Shoot Off        
High Gun Rob Hall EE12999 100/299          
Runner Up Richard Greenlaw SS4436 99/297 25/74        
Third Place Emma Holden EE7226 99/297          
1st Tony Common EE10430 100/296 25/74        
1st Harry Lufflum EE142495 98/292          
1st Stephen Johnstone SS3604 97/287          
1st Craig McKeown NI330UU 97/284 25/74        
1st Emma Holden EE7226 100/297          
2nd Bernadette Quinn II6726 97/283          
3rd Joanna Fairclough EE140968 95/280 By Default      
1st Roan Quinn II11525 99/292          
2nd Iwan Mills WW2790 98/288          
3rd Hamish Munro SS5553 96/284          
1st Tony Common EE10430 100/296          
2nd David Hinchcliffe EE121065 99/295          
3rd Kevan Smith SS3656 99/293 By Default      
1st Craig McKeown NI330UU 97/284          
2nd Toby Hurstfield EE2941 94/277          
3rd Cameron Mackay SS6781 95/263          
Disabled Standing                
1st Peter Parker EE94409 265 By Default      
2nd Stephen Booth EE92866 265          
3rd Stephen Marsh EE137032 261          
Disabled Sitting                
1st Lorriane Greening EE137724 244          
Parent & Child Rob & Lucy Hall   572          
Grandparent Phil Morgan WW376 295          
Womble Michael & Paul Turner   575          
Five Man Team Team gamebore              
Shaun Gardener, Daniel Price, Jack Ruane, Chris Moule, Michael Turner            
IR SNR East Midlands              
Steve Janes, Curtis Woolley, Mark Shaw, Paul Neal, Paul Meakin, Richard Morris, Geoffrey Howlett, Alex Harris, Stuart Whitehead, Marty Smith 
IR LDY North Region              
Emma Holden, Carolne Whitehead, Sarah Thorpe              
IR JNR East Midlands              
Jack Brazier, Joe Turner, Samuel Maling                
IR VET South West Region              
Anthony Dore, Gerrald Sweet, Peter Bugler              
Highest Cumbrian David Whitehead EE128142 98/290          
High Gun (3 Days) Paul Chaplow EE300 893          
High Gun (2 Days) Paul Chaplow EE300 593          
Vet High Gun (2 Days) Tony Common EE10430 581          
North vs South South   35,467