2022 Dougall Memorial Results


Congratulations to Elis Jones on taking High Gun of Match at the prestigious Dougall Memorial Championships at Bywell.  Tough windy conditions but some great performances put in across all categories.

For a list of scores, please click here

  Name CPSA No Score Shoot Off
High Gun Elis Jones ww2324 100/299  
Runner Up Paul Chaplow EE300 100/297  
Third Place Tom Robinson EE90911 100/295  
1st Maurice Quinn II6723 100/293  
1st Matthew Sheldrake EE129704 98/290  
1st Russell Thomas WW1427 99/287  
1st Hamish Munro SS5553 97/283  
1st Emma Holden EE7226 97/285  
2nd Carrie Smith SS4375 95/281  
3rd Caroline Stanbrook EE112079 95/279  
1st Iwan Mills WW2790 97/283 25/73
2nd Hamish Munro SS5553 97/283 24/71
3rd Troy Hunt EE144295 97/282  
1st David Garrett EE124724 99/291  
2nd David Baugh WW375 97/288  
3rd Gordon Shankland SS4001 96/287 25/74
1st Toby Hurstfield EE29411 95/277  
2nd Craig McKeown NI 330UU 93/267  
3rd Cameron Mackay SS6781 93/266  
Disabled Standing        
1st Geoff Nutter EE88429 92/269  
2nd Peter Parker EE94407 92/265  
3rd Stephen Marsh EE137032 88/256  
Disabled Sitting        
1st Lorrriane Greening EE137724 89/256  
Five Man        
  Team Hull   1458/1500 Curtis Woolley, Paul Chaplow, Marty Smith, Matthew Sheldrake, Paul Turner
Two Man        
  Team Kreighoff   587/600 Paul Chaplow & Ian Mullarkey


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