BUCS 2021 Championships Results


As we welcome back Universities from across the country to compete in the 2021/22 BUCS Championships, congratulations go to Faye Wills and Luke Russell for taking the Undergraduate Womens and Mens High Gun Trophies.  Once again Harper Adams secured the Mens team event with the Newcastle Women putting in some impressive scores, to become Womens Team Winners.  Ethan Bosse and Abbi Ralph both won the respected Alumni High Guns for Men and Women. 

Below is a full list of the winners, but huge congratulations to everyone that took part and a big thank you to Orston Shooting Ground for hosting the event.


Team Results

Title Name University/College Score  
Womens Alumni Abbi Ralph 33/100    
Mens Alumni Ethan Bosse 83/100    
Womens High Gun Faye Wills 80/100    
2nd Isabela Walters 69/100    
3rd Diane Watson 63/100    
Mens High Gun Luke Russell 95/100    
2nd Tom Boles 91/100 Countback
3rd Ricardo Parolin-Schnekenberg 91/100 Countback
Womens Team Newcastle 213/400    
Isabela Walters, Eloise O'Shaughnessy, Talullla Douglas-Miller, Tess Lindsay        
2nd Liverpool 199/400    
Diane Watson, Mollie King, Hannah Briggs, Hannah Dixon        
3rd Nottingham 193/400    
Rhiannon Baldwin, Jessica faulkner, Flora Melville, Isabelle Anderton        
Mens Team Harper Adams 352/400    
Luke Russell, Tom McGregor, George Cheer, Ralph Hoppe        
2nd Oxford 336/400    
Ricardo Parolin-Schnekenberg, Robert Middleton, Ethan Bosse, Albert Williams        
3rd Oxford Brookes 324/400    
Tom Boles, Max Mason, Harry House, James Pembroke