2021 National Inter-Counties DTL Results


Congratulations to Martin Jeminson for taking High Gun of the Match at the 2021 National Inter-Counties DTL with a 100/300 Straight.  The event took place from 25-26 September at Nottingham and District Gun Club. 

The first day was grey with a light breeze. By the time shooting had finished, the top scorers were Cheshire’s Peter Relph and Lincolnshire’s John Winn, each with 100/296. The next day saw the sun appear, but with the breeze stiffening. By midday, Yorkshire’s Martin Jeminson had submitted only perfect 100/300 of the event, securing the High Gun title.

In the team events, the Seniors teams consisted of six shooters (top five scores to count), whilst Ladies, Juniors, and Veterans teams consisted of three (top two scores to count). Martin’s perfect 300 led the Yorkshire team to victory in the Seniors, aided by Paul Chaplow’s 100/298, Stuart Kitchen’s 99/294, Nichel Chapman’s 97/289, Adrian Parish’s 98/285, and Gary Sayles 96/281. Veterans was won by Lancashire, with Veteran High Gun’s John Titterington’s 100/298 leading the pack, ably supported by Steve Fiddler (99/296), and Graham Taylor (100/292). Ladies was won by Yorkshire’s Charlotte Kitchen (99/293), Leanne Powell (97/274), and Sarah Thorpe (92/296).

Other category winners include Emma Holden in Ladies, fresh off her British Open DTL Ladies title win the weekend prior, and Junior High Gun Brent Singleton. The full table of winners is listed [DIRECTION], congratulations to them all!

For a full list of results, please click here 

  Name of Winner CPSA NO.  Score
High Gun of Match Martin Jeminson EE128899 100/300
Ladies High Gun Emma Holden EE7226 99/294
Junior High Gun Brent Singleton EE136991 100/292
Veteran High Gun John Titterington EE127613 100/298
Colt High Gun Not Contested    
Winning Senior/Open Team Yorkshire   1466
Runner Up Senior/Open Team Cheshire   1461
Winning Ladies Team Yorkshire   567
Runner Up Ladies Team Cambridgeshire   559
Winning Junior Team Not Contested    
Runner Up Junior Team Not Contested    
Winning Veteran Team Lancashire   594
Runner Up Veteran Team Lincolnshire   584