British Open Sportrap


Congratulations to Richard Faulds on winning High Gun in the 2021 British Open Sportrap at E J Churchill, Swinton Estate.

Please find below the results from today and congratulations to all winners below.

BO STR Scores 

BO STR Class & Category 

Position Name Membership No Score S/O   
High Gun Richard Faulds EE187 99    
Runner Up Ben Hollamby EE108390 98 20+4  
Third Place David Woolley  EE137277 98 20+3  
AAA Winner Nick Hendrick EE86476 97    
AAA Runner Up Rob Claybrook EE138218 95 by default
AAA Third Mark Winser EE99970 95 by countback
AA Winner Tom Young SS4940 94    
AA Runner Up Todd Bridge EE132564 93 by default
AA Third Paul Thomas EE132564 93 by countback
A Winner Jake Bowling EE122428 94    
A Runner Up Guy Robinson EE133084 93    
A Third Alan Harris SS5395 91    
B Winner James McGuire EE129598 91    
B Runner Up Ben Cumming SS6478 89 by countback
B Third Lindsay Gordon SS4841 89 by countback
C Winner Nigel Rock SS443 81 by default
C Runner Up Kerry Oakley EE124597 81 by countback
C Third Mark Love SS6383 81 by countback
Lady High Gun Cheryl Hall EE103805 92    
Lady Runner Up Janine White WW1638 90    
Lady Third Georgia Moule EE20297 87    
Junior High Gun Brody Woollard EE123128 93    
Junior Runner Up Charles Monahan EE130343 92    
Junior Third Joshua Bennion EE134349 90    
Lady Junior High Gun Chloe Applin EE134133 77    
Lady Junior Runner Up Stephanie Meachen EE131966 72    
Lady Junior Third Place Imogen Manning WW2917 37    
Veteran High Gun Steve Brightwell EE19160 92 21  
Veteran Runner Up Nigel Hart WW635 92 19  
Veteran Third Alexander Gair EE42955 91    
Colt High Gun Mathew Paley EE139723 79    
Colt Runner Up Barney Eastman EE131130 78    
Colt Third Jasper Pearce EE138654 77    
Lady Colt High Gun Lucy Christie EE143253 58    
Lady Colt Runner Up Emily Chumbley EE141843 55 by countback
Lady Colt Third Lily-May Horn EE140192 55 by countback
Disabled Standing HG Stuart Dawson EE89815 78    
Disabled Standing RU Sam Nunn EE127134 77    
Disabled Standing Third Tony Cox EE88890 71    
Disabled Sitting HG John Harrison EE108856 82    
Disabled Sitting RU Adrian Last EE87651 67    
Disabled Sitting Third not contested