2021 English Open Sportrap


Congratulations to Richard Bunning for winning the English Open Sportrap and to all winner below:


Class & Category

  Name Mem No. Score ex 150  
High Gun Richard Bunning EE84951 138  
Runner Up George Digweed EE12652 138  
Third Overall Sam Green EE105770 137  
AAA Class High Gun James Attwood EE107759 136 22
2nd Richard Faulds EE187 136 21
3rd Jake Moore EE120309 133  
AA Class High Gun Steve Clark EE105239 131  
2nd Robert Butters EE104974 126  
3rd Mark Bowes EE109720 125  
A Class High Gun Daniel King EE135536 125  
2nd Scott Shuckford EE127437 122 by countback
3rd Darcy McBride EE136316 122 by countback
B Class High Gun Christopher Willis EE108001 120  
2nd Alex Higgs EE125603 117 by countback
3rd David Orrin EE142600 117 by countback
C Class High Gun Robert Kingston EE134960 115  
2nd Peter Skillen EE139783 106  
Joint 3rd Michael Murphy EE136604 103  
Joint 3rd Ben Fordham EE144129 103  
Ladies High Gun Pauline Chapman EE111792 114  
2nd Hannah Gibson EE 108958 113  
3rd Georgina Moule EE20297 111  
Junior High Gun Will Fenner EE128120 128  
2nd Daniel King EE135536 125  
3rd Darcy McBride EE136316 122  
Veterans High Gun Stuart Clarke EE17222 128  
2nd Andy Seaman EE102937 123  
3rd Christopher Willis EE108001 120  
Colt High Gun Jasper Pearce EE138654 102  
2nd Charlie Faulds EE139593 95  
3rd Barney Eastman EE131130 91  
Disabled Standing HG Mark Delf EE132851 111  
2nd Tony Cox EE88890 97  
3rd Sam Nunn EE127134 95  
Disabled Sitting HG Adrian Last EE 87651 87  
2nd not contested      
3rd not contested