World Sporting Championships 2021


Congratulations to Mark Winser on winning the 2021 CPSA World Championships.  

Please click the following links for the Overall Scores and Class and Category Scores

Overall Team Winners England 3012/3400    
Open Team Winners England 916/1000    
Open Team Runners Up Wales 895/1000    
Open Team Third Scotland 880/100    
Ladies Team Winners England 498/600    
Ladies Team Runners Up Wales 493/600    
Ladies Team Third Scotland 450/600    
Junior Team Winners England 552/600    
Junior Team Runners Up Scotland 485/600 +8  
Junior Team Third Wales 485/600 +6  
Veteran Team Winners Wales 524/600    
Veteran Team Runners Up England 517/600    
Veteran Team Third Scotland 515/600    
Super Vets Team Winners England 529/600    
Super Vets Team Runners Up Wales 507/600    
Super Vets Team Third Scotland 292/600    
High Gun Mark Winser EE99970 190/200 +20
Runner Up Mark Webster EE71646 191/200 +18
Third Martin Myers EE88811 191/200  +17
AAA Class High Gun James Bradley-Day EE127052 188/200 +15 +13
2nd Steve Brightwell EE19160 188/200 +19+11 
3rd John Lee EE95608 188/200  
AA Class High Gun Nathan Skinner EE118830 188/200  
2nd Andrew McKeown NI108CC 184/200 By Default
3rd Billy Greenwood EE132464 184/200 By Countback
A Class High Gun John Stanton EE38112 178/200 By Default
2nd Ben Cumming SS6478 178/200  
3rd Paul Brewster EE120610 177/200 By Default
B Class High Gun Tom Hartland EE144216 171/200  
2nd Mark Lyes EE131025 167/200  
3rd Brian Hartland EE138303 166/200  
C Class High Gun Alasdair Turnbull SS6639 158/200  
2nd Lucy Earl EE141076 157/200  
3rd William Evans SWW2990 154/200  
Ladies High Gun Cheryl Hall EE103805 174/200  
2nd Emma Stacey EE125027 172/200  
3rd Janine White WW1638 171/200  
Juniors High Gun Will Fenner EE128120 187/200  
2nd Josh Bennion EE134349 184/200 By Default
3rd Billy Greenwood EE132464 184/200  
Lady Junior High Gun Amy Easeman EE124370 160/200  
2nd Lucy Earl EE141076 157/200  
3rd Chloe Applin EE134133 148/200  
Veterans High Gun George Digweed EE12652 186/200  
2nd Stuart Clarke EE27222 184/200  
3rd Peter Cairney SS4599 183/200  
Super Veterans High Gun Steve Brightwell EE19160 188/200  
2nd John Stanton EE38112 178/200  
3rd Robert Palmer EE27697 176/200  
Colts High Gun Alasdair Turnbull SS6639 158/200  
2nd Oliver Keates EE132165 147/200 +4
3rd Charlie Faulds EE139593 147/200 +2
Lady Colt High Gun Lucy Christie EE143253 121/200  
2nd Not Contested      
3rd Not Contested      
Disabled Standing HG Mark Delf EE132851 166/200  
2nd Paul Sadler EE129402 161/200  
3rd Sam Nunn EE127134 140/200  
Disabled Sitting HG Adrian Last EE87651 140/200  
2nd Not contested      
3rd Not Contested