2021 English Open DTL Results


Congratulations to Daniel Hudson for winning the EO DTL High Gun and to all winners below:


Class & Category


  Name CPSA No Score Shoot Off
High Gun Daniel Hudson EE114300 100/300  
Runner Up Robert Clarke WW777 100/299  
Third Place Phil Morgan WW376 100/298 25/74 + 25/75
1st Geoff Howlett EE4553 99/297 25/75
1st Cory Doble EE134655 100/298 25/74 + 22/66
1st Gareth Lloyd WW277 98/289  
1st Paul Williams SS6728 96/285  
1st Emma Holden EE 7226 99/294  
2nd Charlotte Kitchen EE118936 99/290  
3rd Megan Williams EE135412 98/284  
1st Cory DOble EE134655 100/298  
2nd Iwan Mills WW2790 97/286  
3rd Megan Williams EE135412 98/284  
1st Robert Clarke WW777 100/299  
2nd Robert Haines EE116979 99/294  
3rd Gerald Sweet EE44635 99/294 By Default
1st Toby Hurstfield EE29411 96/280  
2nd Edward Armett EE142941 94/279  
3rd William Taylor EE140455 96/277  
Disabled Standing        
1st Stephen Booth EE92866 94/278  
2nd Stuart Dawson EE89815 93/274  
3rd Alan Paige EE12950 92/271  
Disabled Sitting        
1st Lorriane Greening EE137724 92/271  
Parent & Child Peter & Edward Armett   568/600  
Grandparent Phil MOrgan WW376 100/298  
Womble Clive & David Weston   587/600  
Five Man Team The Mix Up   1460/1500
Phil Morgan, Nigel Chapman, Nick McKeown, Darren Bell, William Armstrong    
IR SNR        
North     1472/1500
Nigel Chapman, Martin Jeminson, Stepehn Petch, Chris Jones, Geoff Nutter    
Bob Singleton, Tom Robinson, Paul Chaplow, Paul Turner, Ian Douglas,     
IR LDY        
North     584/600  
Emma Holden, Caroline Whitehead & Charlotte Kitchen      
IR JNR        
North     575/600  
Cory Doble, William Taylor, Ellie Whitehead      
IR VET        
West Midlands     575/600  
Robert Haines, John Barnett, Dave Hinchcliffe      
Highest Cumbrian Tom Robinson EE90911