Results (Jun 2016)


2016 World English Sporting

E.J. Churchill Results from World Sporting 2016 Overall Class & Category Teams Name CPSA No Score Waktare Trophy England 2865

  • 2016 Prelim Sporting

    E.J. Churchill Results: Overall Class & Category Name CPSA No Score High Gun Owen Jones WW 832 98 +10 Runner

  • 2016 FITASC Open

    E.J. Churchill Congratulations To Bill McGuire who is the FITASC Open Champion and also to the other winners below:​  

  • 2016 World Sportrap

    E.J. Churchill Congratulations to Christophe Auvret on winning the World Sportrap 2016. Please see other results below: Overall Class &

  • British Open All Round

    Northampton Shooting Ground Name CPSA No Score High Gun John Stanton EE38112 98 Runner Up Gareth Maund EE125993 96 /

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