Good luck to the ESP Worlds England Team!



ESP ENGLAND TEAM Manager Phil Easeman, who has been managing the ESP England Team since 2022, will be taking a team of 17 to the World English Sporting Championship being held over three days Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2024 at M & M Hunting & Sporting Clays, Pennsville, New Jersey.

Congratulations to the ESP shooters who are representing their country at this event.

Seniors:   Samuel Ward, Martin Myers, Nick Hendrick, Timothy Webster, William Baughan

Ladies: Emma Stacey (Captain), Amy Easeman, Lara Dale. 

Juniors: Harry Dickens, Seth Peters, Aaron Christie.  Congratulations to Seth and Aaron for achieving their first England Team Caps

Veterans: Mark Bowes, Matt Hance, Shaun Stacey,

Super Veterans: Robert Palmer, Steven Whitwell, Glenn Hunt


Emma Stacey who is Captain of the 2024 ESP England Team has always been around shooting.  Emma’s Dad, Shaun Stacey, has been shooting in the England team pretty much her whole life and Emma always loved going along with him to watch.  However, for someone who grew up around shooting Emma didn’t start shooting properly until she was 18 and in her first year of university.

Emma’s primary aim each year has always been to make the England team and she has made the team every year since her first full year of shooting.  Emma has shot in every single England Sporting team since 2017 and to top it off and be Captain for the 2024 Worlds Team has been made even more special as her dad is also part of this Team as this is the 7th cap they have had together since the beginning of 2023, which has been an awesome experience for them both. 

Emma shoots FITASC and Sporting predominantly, and one of her highlights of 2023 was winning both the Home International Sporting and FITASC.

Emma has a bit of a crazy life working in motorsport which is a famously hectic industry, so she is constantly running between racetracks and shooting grounds but loves the challenge and loves that her whole life revolves around sports and competing in different forms, and can’t wait to get to the USA for the 2024 World Sporting. 

Good luck to Emma and the ESP England Team.