Premier League 2020 update


The penultimate leg in the Southern Division of the Premier League series took place on Saturday 8th August at Owls Lodge on possibly one of the warmest days of the year, so thanks to all of the team and referees at OLSS for coping with the heat.

The searing temperatures didn't affect the shooters tho with some 'scorching' scores particularly from Luke Elliott who was overall High Gun with an 'almost boiling' (sorry, for the puns) 97 ex 100, with Steve Scott and Team EJ's Phil Easeman tied on 96 ex 100 as Runners Up. Great shooting!

From a Premier League perspective, many congratulations to Team Owls Lodge shooter Colin Ferguson in B Class who scored a superb 89 uplifted to 99 with his handicap applied, helping his team to take full advantage of home conditions to put in a big score of 920 ex 1,000, some 46 ahead of Team Southdown's 874 ex 1,000.

So after three fixtures in each division we can take a look at the overall positions going into the last leg in each division with updated classifications and then the final which all teams can attend at West London on the 26th September. Team Owls Lodge's big score on their home fixture edged them into pole position in their division with their 3 scores combined totalling 2,650, twenty points above Team Southdown on 2,630. In the North Division, Team Sporting Targets top their table with 2,552 with Team Cambridge in second place on 2,480. Remember, it is the best three, top ten scores from each division and the final which count overall but the standing in each division from 1-4 after the divisional fixtures, adds bonus points (up to max 10 points for 1st place) going into the final at West London, so each shoot is vital to gaining the maximum team points available!

Individually, Colt Shooter Dan King from Team Southdown returned to the top spot with his 88 ex 100 in A Class giving him a 93 with his handicap applied and a best three so far of 277 ex 300, four ahead of AA shot Ivan Spencer from Team Atkin Grant & Lang on 273 ex 300. As with the teams, it is the best 3 scores which count including the final where an additional bonus point is also available for shooting this fixture.

We now look forward to the next leg in the South Division at Atkin Grant & Lang on Saturday 29th August and at Sporting Targets in the North Division on Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.

Bookings for the Final at West London are now open online via the CPSA Championships Booking system:

For the results so far please Click Here