The Firearms (Amendment) Rules 2019


Arrangements have been made to amend the Firearms Rules 1998 to require RFD applicants to complete a medical declaration and to provide details of their ‘servants’ at each place of business so that relevant background checks can be completed by the police. Existing RFDs will also be required to provide details of their ‘servants’ when notifying the police of a new place of business. 

RFD applicants who have completed medical declarations as part of their personal firearm or shotgun certificate application will not be required to undergo medical checks a second time unless their medical circumstances have changed since the firearm or shotgun certificate was granted. In these circumstances, the applicant will only be required to provide details about the certificate.

The changes to the Firearms Rules come into effect on 10 June. Police forces have been asked to update their websites with effect from the 10th so that the revised RFD application forms are available to applicants. The Statutory Instrument and the Home Office Circular will be circulated shortly.