DTL England Team Selections 2019 - Suspension of Decision


8th January 2018

Following the recent announcement below on 21st December 2017 regarding a new DTL England Team selection process for 2019, the Board have now agreed to suspend their decision until after a survey can be carried out. Any further changes will be published on this website as soon as possible.

21st December 2017 announcement:

At the December Board meeting the Directors have agreed to adopt a proposal from the DTL sub-committee to amend the England Team selection policy for the 2019 teams. A copy of the proposal is available here and the change will mean that scores from the Dougall Memorial and English Open DTL will have to be added to four best scores from at least three other grounds to apply for inclusion in the 2019 selection shoots.

As this will come into effect for the 2019 teams no changes will be made to the venues for 2018 selection shoots, which have been advertised for some time already on the CPSA draft calendar. However, we have agreed with Bywell that, if they are holding the DTL weekend in 2019 and / or beyond, they will not also host a team selection shoot in the same selection period.